Sunday 12 May 2024, 9:51AM

By ACES pest control


ACES pest control on SEVEN sharp
ACES pest control on SEVEN sharp Credit: tvnz


So, picture this: as summer bows out and winter tiptoes in, there's a showdown going down in Auckland homes. We're talking about a real-life ant war here, folks. Think thousands of ants from different camps, duking it out for survival. It's serious stuff.

You've got these black ants, usually just chilling in the walls or under the floorboards, minding their own business. But suddenly, they're on the move. Homeowners are freaking out, calling up ACES Pest Control like there's no tomorrow. Why? Because their homes are getting invaded by armies of these smelly black critters. It's like an ant apocalypse up in there!

So, what's got these black ants running scared? Enter the Argentine ants, the brown invaders on a mission. They're aggressive, they're numerous, and they're hungry. With winter looming, their usual food sources outside are drying up faster than you can say "ant buffet." So, they sniff out the trails of the black ants and follow them straight into people's homes, looking for grub.

Now, imagine you're a black ant caught in the crossfire of these South American invaders. You're surrounded, with no choice but to retreat into the closest shelter – yep, you guessed it, people's homes. And these black ants aren't just coming solo; they're bringing the whole fam with them – eggs, larvae, the whole shebang. Cue the panic buttons!

Thankfully, there's a hero in this story: ACES Pest Control to the rescue! They swoop in, kick those Argentine ants to the curb, and restore peace and sanity to homeowners' lives. No more ant armies rampaging through your kitchen or setting up camp in your hallway. It's all in a day's work for ACES.

So, next time you find yourself under siege by invading ants, remember: there's always someone ready to step up and save the day. That's just how we roll.

written by Owen Stobart