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Sunday, 8 October 2017
wasp stings north shore auckland As spring turns into Summer ACES pest control gets many calls from concerned customers about Wasp nests. 100 views

Sunday, 10 September 2017
are cockroaches making you ill? Asthma is the most common childhood disease in the United States, affecting up to 15 percent of children, mostly in inner-cities. 77 views

Pharaoh ant- FREE pest control tips As its name suggests, the pharaoh ant certainly views itself as a ruler among ants and they can be a real headache for home and business owners, and the pest management professionals that are tasked with eliminating them. Unlike other ant species that are easily traced by following visible trails.......... 81 views

ratpocalypse-pest-control-issues-with-rats The various ectoparasites that feed on rats are capable of spreading many different diseases, including rat bite fever and bubonic plague. While the plague is uncommon in the United States today, it still appears periodically, including this year in New Mexico. However, rats don't even need to carry ectoparasites to spread disease. In fact, they are more than capable of spreading zoonotic diseases through contact with their urine and feces. A study from Columbia University in 2014 found that rats in New York carried everything from E. coli and salmonella to Seoul hantavirus and C. difficile. They don't carry rabies. That's the good news, says Corrigan. 86 views

Monday, 14 August 2017
ULTRASONIC RODENT REPELLERS- DO THEY WORK? In New Zealand there is a range of devices that emit ultrasonic sound waves that are claimed to pest control rodents. Nice work of you can get it. Just sell the punters some plug in "do dacky thingy" and Bobs your uncle, you're rodent free. OR ARE YOU? Do they work? That's the 64 thousand question 100 views

Saturday, 12 August 2017
Tips (DIY) to keep ants out of your home Tips (DIY)  to keep ants out of your home ACES pest control using another technique when compared to this article. 116 views

how to DIY mice control in Auckland Get rid of mice: The signs of house mice - what does a mouse eat and how to trap them? ACES pest control finds that mice are year round problem in Auckland. 122 views

Gisborne cockroach eradication and control auckland New type of cockroach found in Tasmania ACES pest control fields calls from customers every week about these cockroaches. 119 views

Wednesday, 9 August 2017
this guy is 100% BONKERS Man lets a bullet ant sting him on purpose and you'll absolutely believe what happens next ACES pest control have had their fare share of wasps stings, but that is rated 1 on a scale of 30. 116 views

Jack- the awesome pest controller!!!!!   Got rats? Call Jack, Vancouver's only working canine exterminator He's cute. 93 views

Bug warfare- pest control in Auckland ACES pest control sometimes sees bug warfare. If it's Agrentine Ants driving other ants inside a customers' house, or spiders taking each other on. Bugs can be made to do war with each other with a benefit to Humans as they battle out it out. Here is an article on this very subject- enjoy reading it as we did.......   ACES pest control sometimes sees bug warfare. 213 views

Sunday, 6 December 2015
pest control north shore auckland- spiders Every few months, almost like clockwork, a media hype about these arachnids surfaces in the press. But we rarely find a balanced story about deadly spiders. Just how toxic are they, really? 124 views

Sunday, 29 November 2015
pest control auckland spiders It sounded like another domestic violence case for police in Australia after multiple calls about a man shouting "I'm going to kill you, you are dead", along with high pitched screams and furniture being tossed around - however all was not as it seemed..... 129 views

Sunday, 22 November 2015
pest control auckland spiders Every year the Australian Reptile Park puts out an unusual call to members of the public asking for help in catching the funnel-web spider, one of the deadliest species in the country. But how exactly do you go about capturing a dangerous arachnid - and more importantly, why would you? 127 views

pest control auckland ants A carnivorous pitcher plant uses power from falling raindrops to fling ants to their doom, biologists have discovered. The team, from the University of Bristol, found that raindrops kick off very fast vibrations in the lid of the plant's jug-shaped leaves.... 121 views

pest control auckland ants A 62-year-old recreational hunter lost in a hot and arid region of the Australian Outback survived without water for six days by eating ants, police say..... 113 views

pest control auckland wasps I admit, I'm behind the times. While my friends are attending increasingly popular beer festivals and visiting the growing number of micro-breweries around the world, I can't tell the difference between a lager and a stout. This means that not only am I the worst person to send to the bar, I've also never given much thought to what it takes to brew a great beer.... 112 views

Sunday, 27 September 2015
wasps kill man A great-grandfather was stung to death by a swarm of wasps.... 133 views

New species of DEADLY funnel web spider.... Scientists in Australia have discovered a new species of the deadly funnel-web spider....50-milimetre spider is a tree-dwelling.... 124 views

10 things your need to know about cockroaches They live in kitchens, hide under bowls, have six legs, two twitchy antennae and they scurry across your floor. They're cockroaches – creepy and gross.... 148 views

Sunday, 6 September 2015
Managing online reviews Online reviews provide consumers with information about products, services and businesses based on the experiences of other consumers....Consumers expect reviews to be independent and genuine to help them make more informed purchasing decisions. 162 views

Saturday, 5 September 2015
spider treatment Auckland "I began poking at it with a stick, and I was amazed at what came rushing out at me. The first thing that caught my eye was the red fang....." 174 views

pest control auckland wasps Wasps may produce a cancer fighting agent....a new class....from an unusual source 214 views

Saturday, 29 August 2015
pest control auckland spiders There are two species of jumping spiders that specialize in hunting mosquitoes.... these mosquito TERMINATORS might be natural allies in our fight against malaria... 163 views

rat exterminator auckland central An Auckland school has had to warn its students about rodents in the area after a teenager was bitten when she picked up a dying rat.... 131 views

Sunday, 23 August 2015
ant control north shore auckland The Argentinian variety is particularly vicious, attacking crops and animals.....have teeth sharp enough to gnaw through thick wiring, causing short circuits and fires....they bite.... they spread salmonella. 170 views

Rats bite Aucklanders' as they sleep... Rats are running amok in a Glen Innes- Auckland , chewing through linen, using drainpipes as links between houses and even biting one child on his ear..... 9-year-old boy had called out to her in the night....."....there were two little holes at the tip of the ear.....and the BLOOD." 154 views

Sunday, 16 August 2015
rat exterminator auckland central Rats' superpowers are near-mythical: They can swim for three days. They can fit through holes the size of a quarter. They've even been said to have no solid bones, just cartilage......They are creatures of habit. They establish track ways (trails) through a house, following the same paths each day: in, out, to food, to nest. And they can, in fact, rise up from the sewers. 185 views

Friday, 14 August 2015
pest control auckland ants Ants have an astonishing ability to mix collective muscle with individual initiative for heavy lifting, a new study has revealed. The study shows how a dozen or more ants working in unison to haul, say, a large insect can adjust their course based on intelligence provided by a single ant joining the effort. 198 views

Rats spread plague in 2015 Experts say an increase in the rodent population may be to blame for an uptick in plague cases in recent years. According to the state health department there have been four human cases of the plague in Colorado in 2015. The Pueblo City County Health Department confirmed an adult died from the plague Wednesday. It's the second death due to plague in Colorado this year. Plague is transported through rodents by infected fleas......making transmission of the plague more likely 216 views

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