Facebook faces post election - who's talking? Facebook faces post election - who's talking? CREDIT: infonews.co.nz

Facebook Status updates and comments

Sunday 9 November 2008, 11:50AM
By Infonews Editor

This morning I visited Facebook to see what sort of comments would be flying around about last nights elections.

Here are a few status updates and comments from the morning after the New Zealand General Election 2008.

 You will have to log in to Facebook to see most of these pages.

Status as of 12:32am - John Key- victory!

John Key has  8,493 supporters.
some comments on his page;

Marek Ciszak at 12:53am November 9
"Well done John. You are very deserving of the honor bestowed upon you tonight by the people of New Zealand.

Great speech as well. Not only did you reach out to those who voted for you but also to those who did not. Its important to be the PM of all NZ, not just the right, I have every faith you will do that. If there's one thing Helen did nor do during her 9 years its that she did not govern for the whole of NZ.

Savor this moment mate, you deserve it"

Stefan Marko Bebich at 12:55am November 9
"knocked the bastard off"

Tim Spencer at 1:17am November 9
"I'm proud to be from Helensville. You're a top bloke john, you deserve your new role!"

Igor Portugal at 1:46am November 9I
"Congratulations John! What a fantastic speech, too - you truly shown you can unite the country. Nine years ago I almost packed my bags to go to Australia. Now I can unpack whatever is still packed in the corner - I am staying here to build mine and my family's brighter future here :)"

Robyn Johansen wrote at 11:04am
"So please your our PM and thanks for the hangover but it is worth it."


Helen Clark's profile has not bee updated since Friday, but has a flood of comments from supporters too. Her status reads - Helen Clark is asking you to give two ticks for Labour tomorrow, for a government you can trust to take care of New Zealanders through the tough times.

Helen Clark has 3,846 supporters

some comments on her profile page;

Bevan Chuang at 11:35pm November 8
"What a shame!!!! You are a great Prime Minister and you should be proud. You are the only Labour leader who is in this role for 9 years; the first woman elected to be a PM. This in itself is amazing! I mean, talk about being a leader in the world? US only JUST got an African American as a president but in NZ, we already had a woman leader. Good on you!!!!!"

Rachael Findlay-Clarke at 11:38pm November 8
"No! Take it back! Don't leave!!! This feels like a bad break up!!!! Don't do this to me Helen!"

Guy Cruickshank at 11:44pm November 8
"Fantastic job over the last nine years. John has an awful lot to live up to! xo"



The Green Party members had no comments post election on their main page. No public profiles are available for the Green members so no status updates. The Greens frogbolg was updated at 9am.

The Green's have 2,254 fans


Rodney Hide's page was only slightly active and no public profile means no status update. His mini feed has not been updated since October 2.1

Rodney hide has 432 supporters

some comments from supporters;

Harry Young wrote at 12:04am
"Great stuff! 5 MPs and one of them David Garrett. Let's hope that the new government get a grip on crime, especially violent crime - the biggest issue we have."

David Rummery wrote at 12:45am
"Well done Rodney and co, looks like you're in a good position to push the 3-strikes policy!!"


This morning the Maori Party page on Facebook had one solitary comment.

The Maori Party Facebook group has 269 members.

Ruby Paniora wrote at 1:34am
"5 out of 7 woooohooooooo.... Maybe next elections we will get all 7.... Great work whanau but we must make our vote count. 2 ticks for paati maori."

Dr Pita Sharples page had several comments

Kylie Docherty wrote at 12:43am
"Hello Pita, Congratulations for a fantastic result for your party. I hope Mr Key DOES engage in conversation with you, this new government desperately needs a social and environmental conscience."


Peter Dunne's supporters page has had no comments since September 17 and has 20 supporters.


Jim Anderton has no page on Facebook.