Aye Aye Aye ! Hot Chocolate With A Bang

Wednesday 12 November 2008, 8:35PM

By Tio Pablo


Aye Aye Aye!  Hot Chocolate With a Bang
Aye Aye Aye! Hot Chocolate With a Bang Credit: Tio Pablo

Tio Pablo’s Chocolate Azteca Wins Massey Food Awards Gourmet Product Category

Tio Pablo, a New Zealand producer of authentic, gluten-free Mexican Food, was awarded at the 2008 Massey University Food Awards for its new product, Chocolate Azteca - a premium blend of organic cocoa and real spices in a powder form that is true to the traditional flavours of Mexico.

“Hot Chocolate was originally created in Mexican over 1000 years ago as an exclusive drink for royals in the Aztec kingdom, but today especially in places like Oaxaca, the food mecca of Mexico, hot chocolate is their staple beverage. We knew several New Zealanders who had gone to Mexico and came back raving about the hot chocolate. So we aimed for something that is true to its origins, yet not overly hot or sweet. Our consumer feedback and this award says that we must have got the blend just right,” said Faine Alexander, Tio Pablo General Manager.

The drink, which comes in an attractive tin of 200g, is easy to make using steamed or warmed milk. For those preferring a dairy free option, Chocolate Azteca can also be made with soy, rice or almond milk. Chocolate Azteca is available in local New Worlds, gourmet or organic food stores. Check out stockist and other Mexican Products on their web site,

Tio Pablo aims to provide a wide range of authentic, fresh and healthy Mexican foods for New Zealanders which are easy to prepare. Tio Pablo produces gluten-free corn tortillas, spices, Pepitas (roasted pumpkin seeds) and other delicious foods in Mt. Wellington, Auckland.

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Director, Tio Pablo
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