Activity in Methven points to Stewart

Wednesday 1 April 2009, 2:44PM
By New Zealand Police


Activities in the Methven area overnight point to the possible presence of William Stewart say Police.

At about 4.10am on Wednesday 1 April 2009 there was a burglary at a local Chemist in Methven. The offender has smashed a window to gain entry to the chemist and has taken a fishing rod.

At about 4.15am there was a burglary of the Mobil in Methven and a quantity of tobacco was taken. Entry was gained by smashing through the front door.

The vehicle sighted at both burglaries is a 4WD double cab coloured grey.

The suspect vehicle used is believed to be registration number ETU351, a grey 2009 Hilux twin cab, well side ute with a canopy. This vehicle is still outstanding and believed to be in the possession of William Stewart.

The vehicle was seen to speed away from Methven west towards SH72 with its lights off and has not been sighted since.

The Police request that farmers and occupiers of properties in the farming areas to report any suspicious vehicle movements or persons on their property to Southern Police Communications on 111.

The public are asked to keep observations, where possible, and contact Police immediately.

The Police also advise farmers in the area to ensure that their properties, out buildings, farm houses, huts and vehicles are monitored and secured.