Cell phone towers killing bees

Tuesday 8 September 2009, 10:18AM
By J. James


As we head into Spring lets take a moment to ponder the amazing work of the humble honey bee – They provide us with so much , pollinating our flowers and vegetables so that everything grows and fruits – without them we suffer - humanity could simply not do their work on such a vast scale- antidotal evidence suggests that some Kiwi gardens didn't have enough bees to pollinate veges last year.

It was back in 2007 when it was first noted that honey bees were disappearing, not just in one county but in every country of the world, including New Zealand, many theories were postulated such as disease, attacks by wasps. Scientist the world over started to study the phenomenon.

In essence there were lots of theories and ideas but no one really knew

In a report just out, environmentalist and Reader in Zoology , Dr Sainudeen Pattazhy has found that Cell phone towers emitted electromagnetic waves that affected the bees ability to navigate back to their hives. The report goes on to say that if the world’s cell phone usage increases it may mean the demise of the honey bee in 10 years.

The report found that ….”In one of his experiments he found that when a mobile phone was kept near a beehive it resulted in collapse of the colony in five to 10 days, with the worker bees failing to return home, leaving the hives with just queens, eggs and hive-bound immature bees.”

And this.......“it could reasonably be understood that insects and smaller animals were "easily penetrated" by microwaves radiated by mobile towers and phones.”

Dr Pattazhy says “Bees and other insects have survived and evolved complex immune system over a span of millions of years…..Considering this, it is vital to ponder as to why they suddenly die out. Naturally, the question would point to human-made factors."

He also found that radiation from cell phone towers were harming some bird colonies living close by
Dr Pattazhy is not the only researcher to come to this conclusion – but he is the latest in a growing list.

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