Police pleased with crowd at NZI Sevens

Sunday 7 February 2010, 10:07AM
By New Zealand Police


Wellington Police were very pleased with the behaviour of the crowd at the Stadium for the International Rugby Sevens tournament over the weekend. Inspector Simon Perry Police Sevens Operations Commander said "that considering nearly 73,000 people filled the stadium over two days; police believe that the behaviour was of a good standard. There was the usual party atmosphere and the crowd enjoyed them-selves.

He advised that "on the Saturday there were only fourteen (14) persons arrested for minor offences, and police ejected a further thirty-five (35) persons" from the stadium.

A very large crowd assembled in Courtenay Place after the sevens had concluded, the crowd was bigger this year than last year.

Excessive alcohol consumption again lead to the downfall of some party goers with sixty-three (63) persons being arrested in the central city for incidents of fighting, disorder, minor assaults and breach of the liquor ban. These arrests kept the police busy, but the additional police staff from Hawkes Bay and Palmerston North who had joined their Wellington counterparts were present to ensure that people that were in town to enjoy the occasion were able to do so.

Several vehicle drivers also underwent drink driving procedures and as a result will soon be appearing in the Wellington Courts.

No serious incidents have been reported.