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Nice day for a ride - Watching Boobs on Bikes CREDIT:

Mayoral candidate and event organiser - Steve Crow CREDIT:

Steve Crow and entourage - Boobs on Bikes parade CREDIT:

Thousands turned out for Boobs on Bikes on Queens St CREDIT:

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Boobs on Bikes draws thousands to Auckland CBD
Wednesday 22 August 2007, 4:08PM


Tens of Thousands turned out for Boobs on Bikes on Auckland's Queen Street today to watch topless porn stars on motor bikes promoting the Erotica Expo this weekend.

The crowd was positive and lively with viewers ranging from CBD workers, tradesmen and protesters to Auckland Grammar Students.

Even office workers in the top stories of high rise buildings could be seen watching.

The event was not without controversy and was opposed by lobby group Family First NZ and Auckland City Mayor Dick Hubbard, who has called the parade "morally repugnant".

Auckland Mayoral candidate and event organiser Steve Crow was pleased with the running of the event and the crowd which turned out and seemed unphased when an egg was thrown at the car he was riding in.

All those in the crowd and parade spoken to by said they saw no issue with the parade with one local worker saying "It shows how far New Zealand's culture has evolved as far as acceptance of difference goes".

The Erotica Expo has been running since 2000 and 'Boobs on Bikes parades' have been held in Auckland, New Plymouth and Christchurch.

The expo consists of live stage shows, jelly wrestling, erotica for sale and exhibits, photography and sexual health education.

Thousands pack Queen St to see Boobs on Bikes - contians nudity 2008