New money, new funding approach for outdoor recreation

Thursday 1 April 2010, 2:58PM

SPARC chief executive Peter Miskimmin has today announced an extra $500,000 and a new contestable approach for SPARC’s investment in outdoor recreation.

Mr Miskimmin said that from July this year, there would be a $1.2 million contestable fund available for investing in outdoor recreation.

SPARC has been investing about $700,000 a year in 13 organisations involved in the outdoor recreation sector.

Mr Miskimmin said the move to a contestable fund was recommended by the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Recreation Council (SEHORC),a group of sector experts which advises SPARC.

``A contestable approach will allow a wider range of organisations to put forward proposals,’’ Mr Miskimmin said.

“The aim of this investment approach is to achieve increasing, long-lasting participation in outdoor recreation with an initial focus on youth.’’

The change in approach was approved by SPARC’s board last week.