Wednesday 26 May 2010, 2:34PM
By Skylight

News Release 19 May 2010


Skylight and HomeTech Solatube today announced a new partnership between the two organisations that will see HomeTech Solatube make a donation to Skylight Charitable Trust for every Solatube Daylighting System sold.

The relationship between Skylight and HomeTech Solatube is a natural fit, with HomeTech Solatube letting light in to peoples’ homes, while Skylight supports children, young people and their families/whanau during dark times, providing a beacon of light and hope.

Skylight Chief Executive Bice Awan said: “We are very grateful to HomeTech Solatube for their support. Their contribution means that we can reach more New Zealanders who need our help. Specifically, it will ensure we can continue to offer, and grow, Skylight services such as our extensive specialist information and resource centre on grief, trauma, loss and change.

Both Skylight and HomeTech Solatube are Wellington-based, national organisations. Skylight provides unique support to children, young people and their families/whanau through trauma, change, loss and grief, and helps more than 5,000 young people and their families each year. Skylight’s services include counselling, support groups, training and professional development, advocacy, and books and other information from its extensive resource library.

HomeTech Solatube is a healthy home solution company specialising in daylighting solutions. The Solatube™ Daylighting System is a Tubular Daylighting Device (TDD) that provides an abundance of pure, natural light to interior spaces. Its complete roof to ceiling system captures daylight in a small roof top dome and redirects it down a reflective tube delivering clean, white light into the inside space without using electricity.

Working together, the two organisations believe they can make a huge difference to thousands of families. Many people do not realise that issues other than death cause grief, and that there are long term impacts of not dealing with grief, including leading to drug and alcohol abuse or mental health illnesses including depression. Likewise, increasing natural light into homes has numerous benefits; with its proven ‘feel-good’ factor, along with increased usability of dark spaces, and a more comfortable, healthier, lighter and brighter home.

HomeTech Solatube Managing Director Paul Nielsen said: “We feel that Skylight do such great work, and we wanted to be able to help them continue that work. There is also a nice fit between the two organisations – a natural synergy with HomeTech Solatube letting light into people’s homes, making for a brighter, healthier home. Skylight’s work is about creating a healthier emotional environment too. We are delighted to be supporting such a great organisation. "


For more information, please contact:
Bice Awan Tel: 04 939 6767

Chief Executive, Skylight 027 4407 940
Christine Westbury on behalf of Paul Nielsen Tel: 04 560 9237
Marketing Manager, HomeTech Solatube 021 911 958

About Skylight
Skylight is a national charitable organisation that provides unique and innovative support services to children, young people and their families/whānau through times of change, loss, trauma and grief - whatever the cause.
Established in Wellington in 1998, Skylight helps some 11,000 people throughout the country each year. Skylight provides:
 The most extensive specialist National Resource and Information Service in New Zealand on loss, trauma and grief – specialist books and support resources, DVDs and games are all available to borrow or purchase. The website also offers helpful downloadable articles, activities and helpful links.
 Specialist Counselling and Support for individuals, groups and families. A variety of children’s groups, an adult bereaved by suicide group, and individual and family group counselling is available.
 Professional Training and Development for those who work to support grieving children, young people and their families/whānau. Courses are offered throughout New Zealand to meet the needs of professional, community groups and agencies.
 Advocacy to enhance awareness and understanding of the impact of change, loss, trauma and grief on society
 The Travellers Programme - an innovative small group programme for students in their first year of secondary school. Developed by Skylight, Travellers enables young teens to build their resilience and to learn skills to cope with life’s knock backs and challenges. See

While each situation is unique, people contacting Skylight are seeking support for difficult life issues, including death, suicide, illness, disability, accidents, family break up or other family changes, trauma, difficult relationships and violence.

About HomeTech Solatube
HomeTech Solatube has been providing healthy home solutions to New Zealanders since 1992 and has more than 50,000 customers across the country. From Kaitaia to Bluff, HomeTech Solatube’s nationwide network of credited installers provide New Zealanders with healthier homes by supplying and installing daylighting, condensation control, heating and attic stair solutions.

Part of the Future Proof Building (FPB) network, HomeTech Solatube works closely with other building industry innovators to educate New Zealanders about home renovating and the benefits of creating a Future Proof home.

HomeTech Solatube first introduced the Solatube™Daylighting System to the New Zealand market in 1992. Since then, the Solatube™ Daylighting System has been innovated, researched and re-designed to widen its application and for enhanced performance.

The HomeTech family of products also includes Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning, Condensation Control with Heat Recovery and/or Heat Transfer options, the Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Heat Recovery system and Attic Stairs. They also supply a range of ventilation systems for either commercial or residential settings.

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