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Two weeks left of voting time

Monday 14 June 2010, 3:15PM
By Robyn M Speed

How hard do you push for your goals?

Question: How hard do you push for your goals?
Answer: With everything you’ve got!

That’s the only answer I can give you. Push with everything you have!
This is what I have done, and am still doing, because there’s still two weeks of voting left … and I am still serious about getting a million votes. I do, however, ask that you only vote if you see merit in my work.

Why a million votes? Why not? This is the first time there has been a competition focussing solely on spiritual writing, so we have a perfect opportunity to tell the publishers what we want to read. What I wanted to read did not exist . So I wrote the books I wanted to read. And I know that these are the books that were missing from the visionary fiction market. Readers tell me the same thing! So…here is the perfect opportunity to use the ‘million votes’ goal to convince publishers of what you and I already know!

A million votes sends a very clear message! Please help me to get that message across!

Please post this to wherever you can. Tell whoever you can. Repost it wherever you can.

Why do we have goals? Because they are our life direction. It’s that simple. A person contacted me just today, and asked how she finds out what she is meant to do with her life. I asked her some simple questions: What is your passion? What do you love to do? What are you happiest doing?

Is it that simple? Yes!

It does not matter if you are passionate about numbers, science, cooking, biology. Let your passion guide you. It does not matter if you are a brain surgeon or a street sweeper, there is no area of work that is above or below another. There is no ‘better than’ or ‘lesser than’.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about writing and about spiritual evolution. Visionary fiction allows me to combine those two passions into one, into ONE life’s work. And so I push…because this is my passion, because this is my role, because there is a gap in the visionary fiction market that I can fill.

And I push my family. And I push my friends. And I push people don’t even know. And I push you. I will push and push and push, because when it’s your dream, there is no ‘use by date’, there is no time limit.

I could stop pushing, and just give up, and then sit around and wait till I am old and then die. Or I can thrive on every moment of this life, push for my goals, live my dreams, and be all that I can be!!

Help me to achieve this goal. Help me to bring this dream into fruition, because I will not give up, I will not lay down! Look at my work, look at my chapter and book proposal, and if you see merit, please vote, and please tell everyone you know, and even everyone you don’t know.

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Robyn M Speed is an award winning New Zealand writer.