Gift Baskets Leave a Lasting Impression

Thursday 16 September 2010, 9:46AM
By Batenburgs

Around the end of each year gift companies are hard at work preparing and delivering baskets, it's their busiest time. Some of larger firms in New Zealand have dealt with just one specific gift company for some time and have developed a trusting relationship, overall this benefits both parties. Sourcing of the products is easier and the clients have the peace of mind of dealing with a competent company of this sort.

There is a long-standing tradition for companies to convey a sense of appreciation and loyalty to their employees and customers by sending gift baskets. An experienced gift packaging company is able to convey the message intended but the sender. The idea is to create a package that doesn't appear to be mass-produced and provides a warm personal touch leaving an impression on the receiver.

Generally a gift hamper is chosen to express celebration during a happy time, such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or mother's day. There is a dizzying array of options these days for presents of this sort.

The most common type is the gift basket consisting of cheeses, wines, flowers and fine wines. These are tried and tested. But lately gift packaging companies have been offering more unusual ideas, such as gluten-free, Kiwiana and lotions.

Other types attempt to convey condolences and sympathy. This can be especially important when you not able to see the person who is in mourning, say in another country. A carefully chosen gift basket can convey this message. These are times when any kind of acknowledgment is encouraging and offers emotional support.

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