Storm passing over Nelson Tasman today

Tuesday 21 September 2010, 2:03PM
By Nelson City Council


Like most of the country, Nelson is set to get some wild weather – with the worst expected today and into tomorrow.

A very strong cold westerly flow is expected to spread over New Zealand today with heavy rain and high winds expected in large parts of the country.

In the ranges of Northwest Nelson, periods of heavy rain are expected today and tomorrow. The Metservice advises that in the 36 hours from 9am Friday to 9pm Saturday, 120 to 170mm of rain is likely. Rainfall intensities may reach 15 to 20mm per hour at times and above 500-600 metres the rain is likely to accumulate as heavy snow.

People should watch for rapidly rising rivers and streams and exercise caution while driving during heavy rain. Some rivers and streams already have good amounts of water due to rain in recent days.

Nelson residents are also being asked to check their drains for blockages and leaves to help clear any build up of surface water from the heavy rain.

"If sumps are blocked, rain water can quickly build up, adding to the risk of flood damage," says Alec Louverdis, Senior Executive Technical Services. “Leaves falling and blocking the grills can be a problem."

“Council staff cannot get to check every stormwater drain in the city, and the role of residents in keeping drains near their properties clear is a great help in minimising surface flooding” Mr Louverdis says