A spectacle of speed in Whangamata waters

Thursday 23 December 2010, 10:01AM
By Thundercat Racing Association of New Zealand


Beach goers will be treated to a thrilling display as Thundercat racers compete in the National Surf Cross race in Whangamata on January 3.

This summer the adrenaline thrill seekers are back on the water competing in the Thundercat Racing 2011 National Series. The boats reach speeds of up to 80km/h on the water and clear heights above the waves of 4m. With  teams battling it out for the national championship positions, competition is fierce. Thundercat club president and driver of the Plumbquick boat, Steve Frogley, believes this season’s racing will be more spectacular and exciting than ever. “The level of competition means that any of the top ten ranked boats could be in a position to take out the national title,” Frogley says.

The National Surf Cross race commences at 11am on January 3 in Whangamata. Join the thousands of spectators that flock to their local beaches to view up-close action of the Thundercat races. For more information on race days visit