Leading Business Educator Launches College

Thursday 23 December 2010, 2:01PM
By Dragon College of Business

Leading business educator Dr David Poole has today announced the launch of a brand new business education college based around distance learning.

The new college is called Dragon College of Business, and although based in Sydney, will cater for students across Australia and internationally.

"After working in the business education sector for many years, in Australia and Asia, and having also run several successful businesses, I felt it was time to provide a completely new offering to the Australian business education market," Dr Poole says.

"Dragon College was founded on the belief that for our economy to thrive, we need more well educated business owners and managers. To achieve that goal, I believe we need to remove as many barriers to study as possible - including the biggest one - time and place, and the second biggest barrier, cost.

"The business management diplomas we are offering at Dragon College are available only by distance learning - so learners can work at their own pace and wherever they choose. There is no need to waste time travelling to and from a campus for lectures, or to have to interrupt your work hours for study.

"Each of the three diplomas is also very affordable, starting from AU$1950 per diploma, or on our monthly payment plan."

Dr Poole says he believes that his experience in the business education sector is also a major benefit for his students.

"I have studied by distance learning myself, and as a co-author of one of the most used marketing for business textbooks, I know what students need to make their learning experience meaningful."

Dr Poole has chosen to develop all course content and workbooks from scratch, drawing on the latest business management practices, and using highly relevant case studies as the basis for many of the assessments and exercises.

He is looking forward to working closely with the first students to enrol in the College via the newly launched website

Potential students can also follow him on Twitter @dragonbusiness, or via Facebook

The first 200 students to enrol with Dragon will receive free the 7 CD set of Donald Trump's "Think Big and Kick Ass".