16 arrests and 76 evictions at day one of NZI Sevens in Wellington

Saturday 5 February 2011, 12:48PM
By New Zealand Police


Wellington Police are relatively happy with the crowd at the close of day one of the NZI Sevens.

A total of 16 arrests were made at the stadium today.

NZI Sevens Operation Commander Senior Sergeant Simon Feltham says many of these were for disorder and offensive behaviour, but other arrests included possession of a Class C controlled drug, assault with intent, and three were arrested for invading the pitch.

"Seventy six (76) people were evicted, including 16 for smuggling alcohol."

Sevens fans heading to the stadium tomorrow for day two should keep these tips below in mind:

- Moderate the amount of alcohol you drink. Intoxicated people get into trouble by provoking fights, or they become vulnerable as victims of crime.

- Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water, eating food as well. Water stations will be available at the stadium for the first time this year.

- Young women should stick together and not get separated from friends. If you are going to drink, stick with your group and make sure someone is looking after you.

- Keep an eye out on your friends and if they're getting the worse for wear, take them home or back to their accommodation.

- Plan your night out and how you're going to get home. If you're walking, stay with your group, or get a taxi, late night bus or train with friends.