VIDEO: SANDY BAY - Hyundai Pro Longboard Tour 2011 'Event 3'

Monday 14 February 2011, 10:22PM
By New Zealand Greenroom Productions Ltd

As we reach the half way point of the Hyundai Pro Longboard Tour the NZ summer serves up its highest temperatures so far, with recordings of 33 degrees in the shade!
On Thursday afternoon our crew arrived at Sandy Bay where the surf chat was dominated by yarns of Cyclone Wilma only days before… "8ft off the point, pealing right across the bay and only 6 of us out! Should have been here, you would have loved it!" It was easy to believe that we had missed a great window of opportunity for heart pounding action.

Not so for the hundreds of holiday makers and surfing enthusiasts who were camping, relaxing, and enjoying Hyundai NZ hospitality. The game was afoot and the spectators and competitors prepared in anticipation of the battle for valuable tour points that would eventually determine the overall Champion for 2011.

As a surfer, spectator, event manager, media person, or sponsor, you have to stay optimistic and enthusiastic for whatever conditions present themselves during the competition period.

As it turned out, the idyllic East Coast beach break served up some perfect clean peaks over the 3 days for the competitors to show off their talents and to impress the judges.