Lack of global market hampers New Zealand's emissions trading scheme

Wednesday 13 April 2011, 12:53PM
By Business NZ

New Zealand’s emissions trading scheme would be fit for purpose if there was a deep and liquid global carbon market, but the existence of such a market is increasingly unlikely in the medium term, says BusinessNZ.

In its submission to the ETS Review panel, BusinessNZ says there has not been much progress towards a global climate change agreement and little action by other countries to price carbon transparently and without offsetting subsidy policies.

As a result, removing the protections for consumers and businesses from the ETS in 2013 as scheduled is unlikely to be in New Zealand’s best interests.

“More action by other countries is needed to keep New Zealand’s action proportionate to its fair share,” said Phil O’Reilly, BusinessNZ Chief Executive.

“A new balance needs to be reached between the environmental benefits and economic consequences of the scheme.”

BusinessNZ’s submission to the Emissions Trading Scheme Review Panel can be viewed here or under ‘submissions’ on www.businessnz.org.nz