Not just craft on New Zealand Artist is listing artwork valued at total of 100,000 NZD

Monday 4 July 2011, 2:44PM

By Ltd


Major art for sale on online auction at
Major art for sale on online auction at Credit: Ltd

CraftMe proudly announces the showcasing of distinguished New Zealand artist Daryl Lex Price’s artwork on their website. The inclusion of not only crafts people but also artists is an exciting step forward for this dynamic emerging company which aims to be the leading arts and crafts market in New Zealand.

Daryl Lex Price, a Devonport artist, just listed on CraftMe artwork valued at total of 100,000 NZD.

He says of his art:
”I have always painted; the last twenty five years fulltime. Thick paint, influenced by the 'impressionists' seems to be from where my style has evolved over the years.

The effects of light are endlessly fascinating to me and one day I'll get it right. Although some people think that it is pretty good now having purchased several of my works each.

While I paint full time, the amount of paintings I produce couldn't be described as prolific since I am driven to produce the best I can at the time with the desire and aim to put something special into each work.

I have participated in many NZ art exhibitions, and have received good comment and the occasional award for my work.

“I admire the determination of the CraftMe team” says Daryl. “A wonderful online gallery system has been created that delivers great results in Google searches.

As an artist it is important to gain both national and international exposure and CraftMe gives me that opportunity. In addition, the connectivity to facebook, twitter and Google from my online gallery makes marketing to thousands of potential customers a breeze. With only a few clicks of the mouse thousands of potential buyers can view my gallery and even order commissioned artworks.

“I hope that exhibiting my art, which looks great in my new online gallery on CraftMe, will encourage other New Zealand artists to join

“With more and more people researching a potential purchase of art on the internet, it is essential that all artists and craftsmen have an online presence. The ability to process online sales for those customers who are comfortable purchasing in this way is essential for artists in our modern technology driven environment.” says Roy Rodriguez, CraftMe founder and manager.

CraftMe is excited to help fellow artistic kiwis to market themselves, in a quick, affordable and effective way. It is a growing marketplace where all creations- unique, handmade, vintage, handcraft, artisan, art & craft (and supplies) can be bought and sold, commission free.