Surf Lifeguards deliver Lifesaving First Aid in Real Life Emergency

Tuesday 20 September 2011, 1:18PM
By Surf Life Saving New Zealand

A Lifesaving First Aid training programme run by Surf Life Saving turned into a real life emergency on Sunday as an unconscious man washed ashore while lifeguards were conducting a training workshop at North Beach Surf Life Saving Club

Surf Lifeguard Senior Instructor Hira Edmonds (Bethells SLSC) was instructing senior Surf Lifeguards from all over the country in Pre Hospital Emergency Care (PHEC) training when he noticed the patient floating face down from the window of the Surf Life Saving Club.

Assistant instructors Claire Carrington (Bethells SLSC) and Ellie Gain (Spencer Park SLSC) were downstairs at the club setting up a ‘make believe scenario’ for lifeguards to put their skills to practice when Edmonds spotted the patient and initiated the class to conduct a first response situation. The Lifesaving First Aid instructors provided scene management skills whilst the members of the class provided CPR until emergency services arrived.

Rob Howes Lifesaving First Aid Training Manager said “Extraction from the water suggested that the oxygen levels in the patient would be extremely low therefore good compressions and re-oxygenation was vital. The greatest benefit to this patient was the fact that the responding lifeguards were very skilled in effective CPR which gave the patient the best possible chance of survival.”

Lifesaving First Aid is a business run by Surf Life Saving delivering work place first aid training. The Lifeguards were completing their advanced Level 3 first aid training qualification at the time.