ExportNZ Election Manifesto

Tuesday 25 October 2011, 12:59PM
By Business NZ

ExportNZ has released its election manifesto to all political parties today in the lead up to the 2011 election.

Executive Director of ExportNZ, Catherine Beard, says our exports as a percentage of GDP have been declining since 2005, so all political parties should have some proactive policies in place that are supportive of exporting.

“With a very small domestic market of 4 million people, it is only through exporting that we will grow bigger companies that can employ more people and allow for a better standard of living for New Zealanders”, she said.

“An expanding export sector will help us pay our way in the world, whereas an expanding government / non-tradable sector will add to our debts”.

ExportNZ is recommending the best policy approach includes:

  • Continuing with the free trade agenda; in particular there is strong support for a regional free trade agreement like the Trans Pacific Partnership, and achieving an FTA with India.
  • Ensuring that exporters have an internationally competitive business environment in New Zealand, which includes competitive tax rates, flexible labour market and a reduction in regulatory compliance costs such as the RMA and the Emissions Trading Scheme.
  • Reduced government spending to take the pressure off inflation thereby keeping interest rates lower and the dollar lower.
  • Efficient and competitive domestic and international transport options.
  • Effective market development assistance for exporters.
  • Increased government contribution to investment in R & D to get closer to the OECD average.
  • A strategy to boost the availably of venture capital and to attract foreign direct investment.
  • A strategy to boost the leverage of companies, such as the facilitation of better collaboration between companies on-shore to compete offshore.
  • A plan to put exporting front and centre of all government activity in order to grow the economic pie; this includes the right content being offered in the education sector to encourage our next wave of entrepreneurs.

See the full policy here.