BNZ slashes 'ATM rage' through new investment

Friday 13 January 2012, 5:36PM

BNZ’s ATM network is now more reliable than ever, thanks to a New Zealand-first investment that anticipates when the bank’s ATMs are in danger of breaking down or not working.

Implementation of NCR Predictive Services has led to the bank experiencing a 65% decrease in disruption to customer service over the past nine months. Similarly, ATM downtime caused by minor issues like paper jams, have been reduced by 30%. The system has also contributed to a 30% cut in costs of ATM maintenance.

BNZ Channel Manager ATM and Physical Self Service Paul Johnson says the investment was part of a bank-wide $200million upgrade, with the ATM network now operating more efficiently and reliably than ever before.

“We understand the frustration of a broken or unusable ATM when you need cash fast. With this innovation we’re working to ensure our customers have the best banking experience possible.

“Previously we had to wait for an ATM to experience a failure or fault before we were able to fix, however with this new system we can anticipate this before it happens and respond appropriately before any customers are affected.”

Predictive Services predicts failures before they happen through a software agent on each NCR device, which gathers a wide variety of operational data. This data is analysed by using a database that maintains operational data from more than 2 million ATMs, and 12 million annual service actions around the world.

“We’re operating in a way that is better, faster and allows us to provide a world class ATM network to our customers. Not only has predictive proved to operate our processes more efficiently, but also allows us greater insight into business networks,” says Mr Johnson.

BNZ is now contributing to the new world class network availability benchmark, of near to 99% in operational efficiency, and has 435 ATMs located around the country.