Police pleased with behaviour of Sevens fans on second and final day

Sunday 5 February 2012, 9:20AM
By New Zealand Police


Wellington Police are pleased with the behaviour of Sevens fans following day two of the event in the Capital tonight.

Hertz Sevens Operation Commander Inspector Simon Perry says there were a total of six arrests and 40 evictions at the stadium throughout the course of the day.

"Of the six people arrested, two relate to people running onto or attempting to go onto the playing field. The rest were for disorder offences. The 40 evictions were for behaviour offences and intoxication. 30 people were denied entry due to intoxication and smuggling alcohol."

During day one yesterday, there were a total of 8 arrests and 28 evictions made at the stadium throughout the course of the day.

Inspector Perry says a large number of Police and emergency services personnel are out and about throughout the city tonight, ensuring Sevens partygoers can enjoy themselves safely.