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Online Butcher Fits the Bill for Busy Gourmets!

Wednesday 28 March 2012, 3:50PM
By My Butcher

If you’re addicted to Masterchef and your tv watching rarely strays from the Food Channel, chances are you also like to try your hand at some of those mouthwatering dishes. If you also work 9-5 and have a family to manage, finding those high quality ingredients can be a challenge.

That makes you the perfect customer for online butcher

Providing cuts of export quality lamb and beef, delivered chilled to your home or work, the team at My Butcher hope to make it more convenient for their busy customers to not only find the cuts they are looking for without having to move an inch from their computer screens, but also have them delivered in a timely manner, fresh chilled and ready to cook.

Digital marketing exec for My Butcher, Claire Milligan, says the company is enjoying building a customer base around New Zealand who enjoy receiving a high quality product for their at-home entertaining.

“We love making great New Zealand produce available to our local customers, and helping to raise awareness of the diverse range of dishes that can be created using our products,” she says.

Local chefs agree with the quality and convenience of the range. Chef Lou Bentley of Akaroa Cooking School uses the product regularly in her cooking classes and has created a series of videos demonstrating how to create some of the more popular dishes, ranging from the perfect lamb rack through to a stuffed and rolled lamb shoulder or beef fillet.

“When you buy a quality meat product, it’s even more important that people use good cooking technique to prepare it and get the full benefit of these delicious, tender cuts,” Bentley says.

The My Butcher range has been developed with entertaining in mind, currently focusing on New Zealand beef, lamb and a deli range, with the popular Angel Bay range of gluten free, halal products providing a perfect option for larger groups and parties.

My Butcher deliver chilled meat products throughout New Zealand Monday to Friday, with either same day or following day delivery in a polystyrene chiller box with an ice pack to keep the meat at an even temperature. For weekday deliveries, the company recommends delivery to a work address, or alternatively they encourage detailed instructions be added to the online order for home deliveries.