Queenstown - Media Release

Friday 13 April 2012, 11:38AM
By New Zealand Police


Queenstown Police today arrested a 29 year old Frankton man who was allegedly seen in possession of a Pistol in the Lower Stewart Street area of Frankton at Queenstown.

The man was reportedly seen to remove the pistol from his trouser waistband before walking down Lower Stewart Street in the direction of the Frankton Motor Camp at about 1155am this morning.

At around the same time Ambulance control received a 111 call from a male stating that he had shot himself in the leg with an airpistol.

Ambulance and Police attended and the man was found walking along Frankton Road towards Queenstown.

The man was arrested without incident however no firearm was found.

Police have made a roadside search between the place the man was arrested and where he was first seen but have not located the weapon.

Detective Sergeant Cameron of Queenstown asked for residents in the area to be aware that the firearm may have been stashed or hidden before Emergency services arrival and to look in any hedgerows or readily accessible areas.

Cameron said that Police could not be sure whether the weapon was loaded or not and advised anyone who found it to call Police immediately.

The male had suffered a welt to his upper thigh and will be Bailed to appear at the Queenstown District Court on Monday March 5th.