Dual focus for Police in Turangi crash

Monday 14 May 2012, 1:23PM
By New Zealand Police


The Police investigation is continuing today into Saturday's crash near Turangi which killed three students from the United States.

Bay of Plenty Road Policing Manager, Inspector Kevin Taylor says there is a duel focus for police at the moment:

"We will continue to do everything we can to provide information and support for those involved and their families to help them deal with the traumatic event they have been through. Tomorrow we will also be returning the belongings of those who were in the crashed vehicle.

"The US Consul and student coordinators from both Boston University & Auckland University are acting as liaison with the families and we are working closely with them.

"We also have a responsibility to investigate the how and why of the crash on behalf of the coroner.

"Today we will be carrying out a detailed examination of the vehicle which crashed. We will also be talking to as many of those as we can who were travelling in the crashed vehicle to help us build a better picture of what happened

"This investigation by the Serious Crash Unit will take several days to complete. The outcome of the investigation will then determine our next steps and form part of the evidence which will eventually be presented to the Coroner." said Mr Taylor.