Government should drop legal action and support carers

Monday 14 May 2012, 4:15PM
By Labour Party

Today’s Court of Appeal ruling that parents caring for disabled children are being unreasonably discriminated against should embarrass the Government into dropping any further proceedings, says Labour’s Disabilities spokesperson Clare Curran.

“The success of this case is a real tribute to those families involved. They have persevered over many years to have their work recognised.

“The time for legal action on this issue has past. The Government now needs to get the parties together and work out a practical solution,” Clare Curran said.

“Labour argued for a review into paying close relatives as carers to address anomalies which saw non-family members receive remuneration.

“The Court has found there is discrimination. The options for the Government now are to either accept it or legislate against it.

“New Zealand has been recognised for leadership on disability issues internationally, culminating with the receipt in 2007 of the Franklin D Roosevelt award. This is an opportunity to honour that legacy.

“The Court room is no place to sort out our human rights obligations.

“All carers want is a fair go, recognition of their rights and reasonable recompense. These are families who need help and it’s high time they received it,” Clare Curran said.