Business demands leadership on exports

Thursday 26 July 2012, 1:26PM
By Labour Party

Business leaders fear there is no government leadership on growing exports, creating jobs and keeping our young people here in New Zealand, says Labour’s Finance spokesperson David Parker.

“Too many of our exporters are seriously struggling. Hundreds of jobs have been lost across the country in the past few weeks and exports have been dropping for the last three quarters.

“It’s a critical issue for our country. Fewer exports create a struggling economy that’s shedding jobs and sending thousands of young people to Australia every year.

“I’ve been at the Mood of the Boardroom conference. Business leaders are right to be concerned at the lack of leadership from the government on exports, jobs and stopping Generation Y turning into Generation OZ.”

David Parker says business leaders at the conference are receptive to Labour’s leadership on exports and the economy.

“Labour knows how important our exporters are to this country and business leaders are listening. Labour will modernise the economy and support exporters by directing capital into exports through universal savings and pro-growth tax reform.

“That will boost exports, create high-value jobs and stop us sending the equivalent of a university of young people to Australia each year.”