KFC New Plymouth complaints over Facebook 'becoming too much'

Tuesday 7 August 2012, 8:10PM
By Michael Riley


Michael Riley

KFC New Plymouth in Taranaki has been recieving many Facebook complaints over the past few weeks, but they are just building up for the newly upgraded KFC store, one Facebook complaint from a New Plymouth resident said he waited 25 miniutes for an ultimate quater pack, but thats not all when he got home he found that there was more skin on the chicken then real chicken meat, he also added 'the chips tasted like cardboard". 

he added "I like your chicken but everytime I go to your New Plymouth store it is disapointing". KFC New Zealand hasn't replied to the post but over 60 people have complained on the same post, and more then 350 people have liked the wall post agreeing to it.

But is KFC New Plymouth really that bad? in 2010 when the New Plymouth store got a 1.5 million dollar upgrade customers lined there cars down the New Plymouth oneway, when it reopened after being closed for a few months, this caused massive traffic problems over the city with over 100,000 people living in it. 

Some comments made on the post were like

" I always end up disappointed when I go to new plymouth kfc. Such a let down " - New Plymouth resident

" I agree- the chips are so cardboardy now!! "- New Plymouth resident

KFC have not yet replied... 


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