Search started again for 3 missing people in New Plymouth

Wednesday 8 August 2012, 5:02PM
By Michael Riley


NEW PLYMOUTH: The search has started this morning for two Spotswood College students and one instructor from a course called TOPEC, the mission was started yesterday afternoon at around 1.30pm when over 10 students raised the alarm to police about them stuck, helicopters were fast to the scene and got them to the hospital safe, they have now been discharged, but still three people who have been in the water since around 1pm yesterday are missing, searches are continuing into the day, the search last night was called off due to winds, and fierce waves.

Mr Mark Bowden, principle of Spotswood College told the Taranaki Daily News that TOPEC made the decision to go that day in the cold, and raining conditions.
'The weather was so unpredictable though, but it was just not right, they shouldnt have gone!" said a resident of New Plymouth to The Mix News Andrew Scott.

Hope is fading for the 2 young 17 year old boys, one being an international student from Brazil who choose to stay in New Zealand for a few extra weeks, last term he fought with his parents asking them if he could stay longer, they agreed the other 17 year old student was a local school boy of Spotswood College.

The accident comes just as TOPEC has its 25th anniversary, "TOPEC is not known for accidents in New Zealand."

Parents are shocked asking why they were aloud to be in those conditions, Spotswood College in New Plymouth has made a statement saying "our thoughts are with the families involved in this accident and we will support them with all we have"

Police expect to release the names of the people missing later today, and once those names are released we can report them, but The Mix are aware of the names and background information.

Spotswood College was closed this morning and is open for support only, normal classes will not continue today, The Spotswood College IDP day was also cancelled and Spotswood College cancelled a meeting about NCEA, residents received a text alert minutes after 3pm yesterday.


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