Support day for those missing

Saturday 11 August 2012, 5:37PM
By Michael Riley


NEW PLYMOUTH: Wednesday, the day of tragidy.


Two Spotswood College students go missing after falling off Paritutu Rock with there TOPEC instructor who dived in for them. - They have been missing since..

but in New Plymouth support cant get any higher people are messaging each other to make sure theyre alright, others create status's to show there empathy, but it got all public when reporter Michael Riley & his friend Monica Hylton both 14 of Spotswood College thought of ways they could give back what search teams have done already, and click, they got the idea of creating an event called "Spotswood College Support Day" the event that is trying to get Taranaki schools to all have a mufti day next Wednesday is trying to get donations for the search teams.

'Its generous of them to do it.' a resident told infonews. 

The event staff are also in the making of creating a raffle for supermarket grocerys, but Michael talked to us exclusivly and said 'We need support to create support' Michael told us 'Its a hard thing to do but if its for my home town id do anything to keep people happy, relaxed and felt supported, its what New Plymouth needs and already the support is out there'.

He told us, 'If there was one thing I have learnt from this accident it is that New Plymouth is such a caring enviroment, we all come together as one family.' he added 'New Plymouth, a family like no other'. 

The event is going well so far, with over 500 attending, 'and thats alot of people for such a small community' said Michael.

Monica Hylton, told exclusivly that 'its a hard thing to deal with but we are going to stay commited to this, and I am sure there will be a great outcome..' 


Support is just amazing it really is. 


REPORTER: Andrew Scott