World Heli Challenge 2012

Saturday 25 August 2012, 12:43PM
By New Zealand Greenroom Productions Ltd

World Heli Challenge 2012



WHC 2012 EDIT:

Press Release:

The World Heli Challenge was an event held over 15 days based out of the Lake Hawea Hotel just outside of Wanaka.  As far as video media goes its invitational only with a total of 6 cinematographers from around the world chosen to go head to head to construct an individual impression on the WHC.

This year we had local NZ cinematographer Toby Wilson team up with billabong rider Antti-Autti from Finland.  We took look into what Antti thinks snowboarding is and how it related back to the WHC.

With a 10 day window for the 2 event day, down days are filled with adventure & lifestyle activities. The official kickoff day was on the 1st August & wrapped on the 15th in this time camera Op’s capture, edit and deliver their submissions to the Canon Shoot Out competition.

Toby spent the first couple days gathering scenic shots, unpacking & prepping kit.   Antti landed in NZ on the 4th and got stuck into warming up in the local mountains.

With weather hampering the early efforts to shoot mountain action we headed to the coast to do some surfing and make the best of the situation.

Freestyle day had a new location picked out & the 9th Aug was the only day to go as several fronts were on the horizon & time was running out.  Everyone had to hustle for the shots as the weather and light were moving fast.

The next day was all go for the extreme day & once again the Makarora valley was the staging area. Helicopters lifted crew into some truly jaw dropping terrain of Mt Albert and some solid lines were put down to everybody’s enjoyment!

Post event days the weather turned sour which couldn’t have come at a better time.  3 days left until deadline.

Even though the awards didn’t come our way this year the footage is tight and there is always next year!

Chris Kirkham