What's Your Bank Really Like?

Monday 8 October 2012, 4:02PM
By CTMA New Zealand Ltd

The banking landscape is undergoing a lot of change, but what’s it really like for the customers who use them?  A major New Zealand study needs your help to find out!

In the past months, some New Zealand banks have changed their logos, others have changed their names, and others are about to merge two long-trusted brands into one.  But with all these changes taking place with the banks, are customers being served well, or do things need to improve?  How are all these changes affecting the way banks regard us and the service they provide?

This major nationwide study provides all New Zealand banking customers with the opportunity to voice their views about their own banking experiences during the past 12 months.  Through two online questionnaires the study asks customers a series of questions about their overall satisfaction with personal banking and home loan services in New Zealand.  It asks about any problems they may have encountered during the year and where they see the strengths and improvement opportunities for their own bank.

It’s easy to take part.  All that banking customers need to do is to respond to one or both of the online questionnaires at:

“This is not one of those tedious ‘score-chasing’ surveys we all dread as customers” explains CTMA’s Managing Director, Paul Linnell,  “but a genuine effort to get to the bottom of what’s good, and what’s not so good, about banking services in New Zealand.  The purpose of the study is to discover how well banks and other lending institutions in New Zealand are serving their customers and to provide them with feedback about where they might improve.  There’s even room at the end to add your own comments about what you like most and what you’d like to see change at your own bank”.

The study is completely confidential and customers will not be asked for any personally identifiable information.

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