Ministers to present Pike River report to families

Friday 2 November 2012, 10:40PM
By Christopher Finlayson

Government ministers Gerry Brownlee and Christopher Finlayson will present the report of the Royal Commission into the Pike River Coal Mine Tragedy, and the government’s response, to victims’ families in Greymouth on Monday.

Shortly after this private meeting, the report will be released publicly.

“The report is the result of a very wide-ranging and comprehensive inquiry,” Mr Finlayson said. “It examines what happened in the Pike River mine, and also important policy questions around the mining industry, and makes recommendations as to how to avoid this kind of tragedy occurring again. This is an important milestone for the families, and it is essential that they are able to see the results of this very thorough investigation which they have patiently observed and taken part in. We ask that the privacy of the families be respected and that they are given the time to receive and consider the report.”

Cabinet will consider the report on Monday prior to the ministers’ meeting with families.

The government response will be delivered publicly in Wellington following the release of the report.