Gardasil - the great HPV vaccination exposed

Monday 14 April 2008, 1:36PM

By J. James


11 women died after exposure to Merck’s Gardasil HPV vaccination would you give it to your daughter?

Gardasil has earned Merck over $330 million dollars so far despite the 11 deaths, deaths which you haven’t heard about from the MOH or the Government who are considering pushing Gardasil onto New Zealand girls. Whose pushing Gardasil – Merck & co a company with a world wide reputation of dodgy science and aggressive marketing strategies. Once Merck gets Gardasil mandated by governments around the world the sky is the limit.
Women all over the world will remember Merck as the company that  spread cancer via their aggressive sell of Hormone Replacement Therapy for the natural transition of menapause - parroted by well intentioned but irresponsible doctors who failed to listen to women’s voices and concerns warning of the side affects and the dangers.

To counter act the loss of their multi million dollar carcinogenic, Merck aided again by irresponsible doctors aggressively pushed their equally dangerous Osteoporosis drug Fosamax with its horrific side affects
and their pain killer Vioxx 

Both have seen the company embroiled in a slew of lawsuits and resignations

This is the Company that is marketing Gardasil

Many doctors have long abdicated their responsibly in protecting patients from the often deadly side affects of pharmaceutical drugs. Trusting implicitly in pharmaceutical companies to do the right thing they never question the drugs safety trusting instead in governments and the Ministry of healths Medsafe to make sure the drugs are in fact safe -  all are heavily indebted to pharmaceutical fundingwhich begs the question who really looks out for our health .....but thats another story

Gardasil is another Merck & co scam - a dangerous scam that could kill your daughter

Here is what we know so far

1) The vaccine only decreases your chances of getting cervical cancer, it doesn’t eliminate the risk.

2) Even without the vaccine, the number of cervical cancer cases is trending downward and has been for years.

3) Gardasil is one of the most expensive vaccines ever

4) While we're on the subject of liability, lawsuits, and profits, there's another angle to consider. If Merck can get state governments to put Gardasil on their lists of vaccines that are required for schoolchildren, it can become a part of a federal vaccine liability program. Meaning that Merck will not be liable if Gardasil turns out to be harmful some time in the future

5) There have been no long-term studies done on the effect of the vaccine after 5-10 or more years, and testing on young girls has been extremely limited.

6) It is unknown how long the immunity provided by Gardasil actually lasts.

7) The studies done on Gardasil were not set up to investigate whether the vaccine itself has the potential to cause cancer.

8) Gardasil is one of many vaccines containing aluminum, and there is increasing evidence suggesting that aluminum-based vaccines can have harmful effects. Aluminum is a neurotoxin and the aluminum in vaccines can potentially reach the brain.

 Last year, after reading about the ineffectiveness of Merck’s latest drug Gardasil, I happened to be at the local Independent Nurses Practice and there on the wall was a colourful poster exhorting the virtues of inoculating your daughter. I asked the woman at the front desk how much she knew about it and before I could get any further, she waxed lyrical about the virtues of this new wonder drug. When I asked her if she knew of all the side affects this drug caused she clamed up tight and with an indigent and hostile air went back to her desk. It’s this naïve unaccountability from those whose role/job it is to protect the health and wellbeing of others to even consider that what they are pushing/selling to people may indeed be harmful to their health – it never occurs to them. They trust the hype and the spin of the pharmaceuticals. It never occurs to them that Big Pharma is also Big Business and that in order to stay in business it needs a captive audience and the best way to do that is make vaccinations mandatory or if not mandatory at least sell the idea to the worlds governments. SARS the bird flu scam is just one instance of unthinking uncritical fear mongering - Gardasil is another

If the American FDA is  incompetent and corrupted by pharmaceutical industry and if our government base their decisions on Americas FDA then we had all better wake up to what’s going on with dodgy and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs coming into NZ

and another well researched expose


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