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EDUCATION   30 October 2010, 10:30PM

(Added by Nelia Manansala Vanderwoude) - 2491 views ID: 11199

"Mrs Vanderwoude and Mrs Needham took a bite and enjoyed team teaching an interactive fruity hedgehog English activity to 2 Year 1 classes at Chelsea Primary School."

Teachers: Nelia Vanderwoude and Barbara Needham

Students: Back row: Alisha Din, Marco Yormin, David Ette, Oliver Leitner, Max Lin, Nixon Quan, Vojin Tamihana-Rilak, Charlotte Louis, Jerico Murray, George Wendelborn, Asher Collett, Jack Macpherson (Second row) Michael Bycroft, Andrew Foot, Laila Creasy, Isabel Macgregor, Imogen Fuemana (First row) Spike Chilberto, Stella Evans , Jasmine Keighley, Lucia Kamphuis, Billy Annand (Front) Elise Alexander.

Runner-up in Teacher in action photo competition of the NZ Teachers Council in celebration of World Teachers Day. Photo is available on NZ Teacher Council's website or gallery on