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NEWS   17 September 2007, 12:43PM

CREDIT: Cardrona Valley Residents & Ratepayers Society (Added by - 1783 views ID: 866

Cardrona tidy up team
Last Saturday, 15th of September, the Cardrona Valley Residents & Ratepayers Society organised a Clean-Up Day as part of the Clean Up Week of the "Keeping New Zealand Beautiful" organisation.

13 Cardrona Valley residents got together to tidy-up the "souvenirs" of a busy winter season. Well visible for drivers thanks to the safety vests generously supplied by Hire Equip, the tidy-up team worked along the Cardrona Valley Road from the south end of the village 10 km north towards Wanaka and collected a trailer load full of rubbish, the equivalent of 85 (!) rubbish bags. "It is amazing what people throw away. If they can carry a full beer bottle in their car for example why can't they keep the empty one until they stop at a rubbish bin?" one of the residents asked. A nice sausage sizzle and some drinks afterwards were a welcome reward after the smelly exercise.

The Cardrona Tidy-Up Team in front of the Cardrona hall, pictured from left to right:
Regan Thompson, Julia Franklin, Mario Kiesow, Hil Stapper, Debbie Thompson, Regan Thompson, (front) Jenny Roberts, Des from Dunedin, Jay Brown, Lynette Thompson, (back) Russell Brown, Kay Curtis, Martin Curtis INDEX