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NEWS   13 September 2017, 5:18PM

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First meeting of the National Council of Women in ChCh in 1896. Kate Sheppard is 5th from the left, seated.

National Council of Women, Christchurch, 1896.

From left, standing: Mrs A Ansell (Dunedin), Mrs Henry Smith (Christchurch), Miss A E Hookham (Christchurch), Mrs G Ross (Christchurch), Miss Jessie Mackay (Christchurch), Mrs Isherwood (Christchurch), Mrs Black (Christchurch), Mrs Widdowson (Christchurch), Miss F Garstin (Christchurch), Mrs Wallis (Christchurch), Mrs Darling (Christchurch), Mrs J M Williamson (Wanganui), Mrs Wilson (Christchurch). Seated: Mrs G J Smith (Christchurch), Mrs A Daldy (Auckland), Mrs Hatton (Dunedin; Vice-president), Lady Anna Stout (Wellington, Vice-president), Mrs Kate Sheppard (Christchurch; president), Mrs A J Schnackenberg (Auckland; Vice-president), Mrs W Sievwight (Gisborne), Mrs M A Tasker (Wellington), Mrs D Izett (Christchurch, secretary). Seated on floor: Mrs C M Alley (Malvern), Mrs A Wells (Christchurch), Miss Bain (Christchurch). Photographer unidentified.

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