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Protect Self Defence
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Protect's Self Defence programmes enable you and your family to recognise, defuse - and if absolutely necessary - defend agianst threats and violence. We give you the confidence and skills to get home safely to your family whatever the circumstances. It's that simple.

Real life does not always unfold like it does in the movies. Protect is not about aggression, fancy moves or hard-to-learn martial arts techniques.

Protect teaches you to recognise the behavioural, emotional and psychological signs of potential danger, and how to take charge and diffuse them. But when a physical response is absolutely necessary, you will be prepared with realistic skills that work under stress and pressure in any situation.

Protect embraces an internationally recognised self-defence concept called Senshido. This is a method of self-defence that draws on the brain's natural thought processes and the body's natural movements in high-stress situations. Senshido's techniques are accessible to people of any age and physical ability, and are easily retained because they work hand-in-hand with your own instincts, rather than battle them with complicated manoeuvres.

Protect's founders, Phil and Athena Thompson, are New Zealand's only officially approved Senshido instructors. With over 33 years combined experience, they have trained everybody from children with disabilities to front-line police officers.

'Whatever your self-protection goals, Protect offers
a course to educate and empower.'

In addition to regular group classes, corporate courses, and private instruction, Protect regularly run the following courses for the public:

The Safe For Life programme is designed specifically for women and focuses on personal safety and rape/sexual assault prevention.

Best Defence is open to everyone and provides a comprehensive toolbox of psychological and physical techniques for diffusing and defending against violent attacks. It provides you with realistic self-defence techniques and the chance to advance through a clear programme structure as little or as far you like.

Protect has also launched an innovative course for kids. With the aid of parents and/or caregivers, the Guardian Angel programme delivers child protection education in a fun and interactive environment.

Protect has designed comprehensive personal protection and self-defence courses for real people and the real world.

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