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Monday, 7 September 2015
Working Hours and Private Time Blurring in Asia but Kiwi Workers Still Know How to Switch Off 07 September 2015: A study by HR and recruitment specialists Randstad, has found the lines between working hours and private time are blurring in Asia Pacific (APAC) countries, with 65 per cent of workers saying their employer expects them to be available outside regular office hours. 243 views

Thursday, 4 June 2015
Offering staff a work-life balance the key to retention Companies looking to entice new talent by placing another zero at the end of their salary offer may have to re-think their strategy.  work-life balance is the main consideration for Kiwis when deciding whether to stick with their current job, according to New Zealand’s most significant employment survey. 340 views

Banking sector remains steady throughout GFC New Zealand’s banking and financial sector is well-positioned within the labour market for the coming year, with strong name awareness and attractiveness amongst potential employees. 340 views

IT sector in good shape to recruit employees New Zealand’s information technology (IT) and telecommunications sector has experienced a surge in attractiveness, meaning more employees may be willing to enter an industry that continually struggles to attract top talent. 316 views

Construction sector's staffing shortage has implications The construction sector may be unable to capitalise on the industry boom if it doesn't take measures to attract more potential employees.  In the midst of huge demand for construction, research from HR and recruitment experts Randstad reveals that construction firms are becoming increasingly less attractive to potential employees. 468 views

Thursday, 30 April 2015
Emirates brings the Webb Ellis Cup to New Zealand April 2015 Emirates, a global connector of people and their passions, is bringing the official Rugby World Cup Trophy, the Webb Ellis Cup, back to New Zealand for one last visit before the defending champions attempt to win back-to-back Rugby World Cups. 1060 views