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Zane Cleaver

New Zealand

Member since: 19 September 2017
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Zane Cleaver, founder of Pango Forestry, has accumulated 25 years’ experience in the forestry industry in all facets of operations, marketing and management.

Zane Cleaver and his team at Pango Forestry undertook a detailed harvest plan of my Forestry block which was 38 hectares in size, 28 years of age and contained some difficult areas to harvest. In addition I was also provided with a detailed plan to ensure that all of the subsequent harvesting operations conformed with both stringent environmental standards as regulated by the Auckland Council and above all the Health and Safety aspect of the harvest was being managed methodically.

Zane Cleaver presented a number of sales options which included a Lump Sum purchase, a composite “Pay As You Cut” method and an Open Book Harvesting and Marketing arrangement. Both Zane Cleaver and his team at Pango Forestry were very careful to ensure that I was fully aware of what each option represented in terms of returns based on the different risk profiles each option presented. Based on that advice I chose the Open Book Harvesting and Marketing arrangement.

At Pango forestry, Zane Cleaver and his management team care about your value, care about your property and care about you. There is no woodlot where we can’t find an economical solution to harvest and market your trees.

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017
Business 9:07AM
An introduction of Zane Cleaver and PANGO Forestry Ltd

AUCKLAND — PANGO Forestry Ltd is an initiative of Zane Cleaver who established this organization in 2013.