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Health 3:50PM
Health warnings follow sewage spill

Whangarei — Heavy rain on Friday 22 July caused an overflow of sewage from the Hatea pumping station and the city’s main wastewater treatment plant went into bypass mode, releasing partially treated wastewater.


Monday, 8 March 2010
Tuesday, 2 March 2010
Sunday, 3 January 2010
Health 11:51AM
Chemtrail Spraying In Whangarei In The New Year?

Whangarei — There have been reports of chemtrailing taking place in Whangarei, both yesterday and on New Year's day.  Chemtrails are aerosols, sprayed from a plane which leave distinctive trails, quite different from condensation trails, although they are often mistaken for the latter.

Photo of chemtrail taken about 4-5 Minutes after the plane flew over The same chemtrail about 15 mins after the plane had flown over




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