New Zealand family struck down with botulism speak out - the full story ... New Zealand family struck down with botulism speak out - the full story ... CREDIT: tv.wild Graf boys

New Zealand family struck down with botulism speak out - the full story ...

Friday 22 December 2017, 10:24AM
By J. James

Independent media interviews the New Zealand family struck down with botulism 

The interview was conducted by TV. Wild by the Graf brothers 

Here you will hear the real story of what happened 

..."....On the 10th of November, three members of a Putaruru family were struck down with violent food poisoning. Within hours they were comatose. Five weeks later, two close friends who supported the family members, told their story to Steve and Clyde Graf, who work with TV Wild.

In the fascinating interview, Joji Varghese describes how up to four nurses were required to restrain the victims because their involuntary convulsions were likely to harm the patients and the nurses. They had to be strapped to their beds, while the effects lasted for one and a half weeks. Symptoms indicated early on that this was not likely to be botulism poisoning. Mystery also surrounds the pot of curry pork found in pristine condition, five weeks after returning to their home that was meant to have been “decontaminated”

Watch the video interview  here 

The following documents were presented when one of the suspected botulism-poisoned family member's was released from the hospital after consuming contaminated wild boar ... 

Read them here 

There is growing concern that given the rate and amount that NZ depart of conservation is tipping mono Sodium fluoroacetate into the environment and the ability for pigs to have sublethal doses of this poison in their bodies - it is of vital concern that tests are done for 1080 to rule it out entirely  

See the previous article here A New form of Botulism or something more deadly

There is a  huge smoke screen of misinformation surrounding the harm sodium fluoroacetate does do in the environment and even more misinformation on the dangers it can cause to the health of people who are exposed to it - this needs to change and more insiders need to speak out and tell the truth that is slowly seeping out to the public through eyewitness accounts

People have been affected by the dust of this substance and many more health effects would go unconnected and undiagnosed by Drs who - considering how much of this stuff is tipped into our water and ecosystem - fail to have much information on it except that it is safe - a deadly poison such as 1080 is NOT safe 

Two women are a case in point - they are now suffering serious health effects after unknowingly having a picnic in a 1080 drop site 

Read their story here 

Part II of this story can be accessed here 

Waikato DHB feeds public porkies on poisoned wild pork test results