kea eating 1080 bait kea eating 1080 bait CREDIT:

1080 - Caused the poisoning of Indian family not botulism

Monday 22 January 2018, 3:22PM
By J. James

The whole interview and the investigative journalism that found the truth for this family can be watched here 

DHB coverup - Politics before patient welfare for wild boar poisoned family

read offical documention that verfies it was 1080 here 

Some serious questions are raised here  - How will Mainstream media who didn't do their job in this case spin this story I wonder 

Sue Grey - the whole thing smells of a cover-up 

the Department of Conservation dumps tons of this stuff into the ecosystem and into our waterways - people are getting sick but not putting it down to 1080 because books have been written about it saying how safe it is and how crazy people are who are against it   This is incredibly irresponsible because it isn't safe 

Forest & Brid continue to tell children in schools that its no more dangerous than salt and vinegar chips - this is irresponsible because it isn't it's a deadly poison 

NOTE the lnk here of a F&B worker telling people that 1080 breaks down into nothing more than salt and vinegar chips has been taken down thus the link has been broken 

Ministers are being misled by officials who say this is the best tool in the toolbox it isn't its dangerous and deadly to any creature that comes into contact with its butterflies, bees, kea 

Note the vídeo showing a butterfly and bees feeding on a 1080 bait has disappeared  thus the lnk is now broken 

DoC knows that 1080 kills more than the targeted rats - and there are coverups so it isn't seen 

People health is suffering as these women have found out  how many more 

In Nelson a group hás taken the local bird reserve to court challenging the Minister for the environment legality of poison drops throughout NZ - please support their case here  the case didn't stop the Nelson poison drop but is going ahead to appeal and this is important for all NZ regions 

Many are speaking out on this  issue  see them here  

Many thanks to the Independent investigative reporting of the Graf Brothers without who this issue would have faded away ......

Many thanks to Sue Grey who has been supporting this family