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Bayleys is New Zealand's largest full-service real estate agency.

"Bayleys has found - as I am sure other corporates, local and national Government bodies, and raft of social, cultural and sporting organisations have undoubtedly found - that infonews has been invaluable for circulating news editorial to a wide range of readers and users throughout not only New Zealand, but also around the globe.

"With the changing dynamics of communications, niche interest web and blog sites are constantly looking for well written, ready-to-use copy and images relevant to their specific readers or target markets. Increasingly, news collation and distribution media outlets such as infonews are being seen as valuable providers of that news copy.

"Bayleys has tracked numerous instances where editorial copy hosted on the infonews website has been picked up and reformatted for republication on other e-media sites. With the world becoming ever-smaller through increasing use of on-line and mobile communications, it is critical to keep abreast of these new technologies, while at the same time relying on the long-established professional practices and ethics of journalism and news reporting. infonews does this extremely well.

"Over the past two years, Bayleys has seen the number of readers of our material hosted on infonews grow markedly - an obvious reflection of the increasing credence with which this media service is being given by members of the public as its reputation grows. That is why the communications team at Bayleys ensures that the infonews newsroom is always one of the first recipients to receive our news releases."

- Scott Cordes, communications manager

Dunedin City Council runs the South Island's second largest City.

"The Dunedin City Council continues to explore the use of as many forms of communication as there are available to ensure the greatest possible service to its various intended markets. To that end it is actively investigating the application of many current and evolving internet-based media.

" has proved to be a useful tool for the Dunedin City Council for the last few years, providing yet another medium for the distribution of DCC media releases and public consultation documents, which in turn ensures we fulfill our statutory requirements of informing our ratepayers.

"Just as importantly, perhaps, it gives Dunedin a national and, indeed, an international presence in a news media forum.

" is straightforward to use and its immediacy gives the DCC confidence that its information will be accessible to the widest audience at home and abroad as soon as possible."

- Hannah Molloy, communications officer

Alexander Communications is a full-service Auckland public relations agency covering New Zealand and specialising in reputation management.

"Alexander Communications has been uploading content to on a regularly basis for more than two years. The availability of an online source such as is imperative to the public relations industry as it provides an independent voice and platform to share local news stories efficiently, nationally and even internationally.

" is easy to use, the stories are loaded quickly and there is the added benefit of linking an image to the story. This optional visual aid gives readers a better insight to the news we are contributing and opens audience's eyes to the stories they read. Other benefits of include the easy search engine function, and number of views per article updates.

"This is an excellent function that indicates how popular a particular story is and how quickly it is being accessed.Online news is a part of everyday media. To overlook a medium like would be like shutting out a world of opportunity. is an effective means of getting out information across to the public."

- Jemma Logan, account executive

Spice Communications Group is a team of expert public relations consultants, offering 360 degree PR and marketing communications.

"Online news sites, such as, have rapidly become an integral part of an overall media campaign, and offer a number of unique benefits. Firstly, the ability to self-publish news and content increases online exposure for businesses and brands; secondly, it enables breaking news or time sensitive stories to be told quickly and in a timely manner without the need to engage with a news ‘gate keeper’; and finally, it provides an easily search-able content platform when seeking information on a particular sector, topic or organisation.

"With the exponential increase in social media over the past two years, an online media strategy can be just as important as traditional media and infonews can play an important part in this. Once a story is posted to infonews, the published news article then provides a professional news link for twitter and facebook feeds."

- Jackie Ellis, communications connoisseur and founder of Spice Communications.

Adagebusiness is a Marketing and Media Consultant company to Small Business and Not-for-Profit Groups.

"We’ve been using InfoNews for about a year now; we use InfoNews to post media releases for clients. The service we receive from InfoNews is always prompt and efficient. Through using InfoNews we have seen a marked increase in visits to the respective websites of clients who’s news has been posted; where charity information has been posted they have noticed a marked increase in not only visits to their website, but also enquiries about the work they do.

"All clients that I work with have been please with the response they have received from their releases on InfoNews.

"InfoNews has to be the simplest news site to add releases, and one of the main reasons we use it that it is recognised as a good source of news and information."

- Graeme Russell is the man behind Adagebusiness

Spark Consulting is an online consulting business which helps businesses use social media and Google Applications.

"InfoNews has been a great platform to help build credibility online and to Spark interest from the wider community about "who is Spark Consulting". We all know that visibility online comes from exposure and engagement and I found that my posts received at least 10 times more readership value on the website as well as enjoying quick and solid additional Google rankings for those posts.

"I am recommending to clients who are embarking on a Social Media Marketing campaign to consider using as a publishing vehicle to assist them with building online trust and credibility by contributing content which is of value to the potential readers of"

- Russell Masters, online communications consultant

Word of Mouth Media is a Christchurch based PR company.

"Infonews have been great for us to demonstrate to clients the excellent widespread publicity, photos, news and high-speed results. It is great for the nation to have such up to date state of the art online news technology sites like infonews."

- Kip Brooke, director

Pr-Ink is a communications consultancy.

"We’ve been using infonews since its launch as it provides a great portal for news and events. Because it is impartial it provides its readers with a variety of news and the quality of the businesses and company’s posting news on the site is testament to this.

"The site also enables you to see how many people have read your item and empowers them to make comments and tweet or share which is a great tool as you can see just how much the news story has resonated with the readers."

- Sarah Alexander-Wilcox, consultant and founder at PR-Ink

Business Blogs helps your business get found on the internet.

"When I publish articles on I find it very easy to use and we get traffic to our site. The site is also nicely laid out in a "Craigslist" kinda way - which for me is good. I love KISS!

"One really good benefit is you see information and news that you will never see on the two major news sites which is great as well.

- Marc Krisjanous