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New Zealand News Index

8:55AM NEWS How Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy's Vaccination Services are Safeguarding Health this Winter 117
1:59AM GOVERNMENT Auditor-General Raises Concerns Over Fast-Track Approvals Bill 153

Monday, 22 April
11:40AM NEWS John Kane and Dylan Pehi from XP Electrical: Providing Versatile Electrical Solutions 113
11:08AM NEWS iCLAW | The Mount Lawyers Sebastian Bucher: Providing Expert Legal Assistance for Families and Beyond 167
10:55AM NEWS Choosing Between Blinds and Curtains for Bedroom Décor 109
10:55AM NEWS Choosing Between Blinds and Curtains for Bedroom Décor 97
10:48AM TRADE Revolve Environmental Unveils Advanced CCTV Drain Inspection Service in Northland 121
7:56AM NEWS Exploring Soil Structure and Its Impact on New Zealand's Agriculture by Dr. Gordon Rajendram, Leading Soil Scientist 199
5:14AM ENVIRONMENT Iconic charity launches urgent appeal to sustain environmental programmes 130

Sunday, 21 April
9:39PM NEWS Agsafe Weekly Rural Report 120

Saturday, 20 April
2:40PM ADVERTISING SEO vs. PPC: Navigating the Path to Increased Visibility and Traffic 194
2:32PM ADVERTISING The Power of Keyword Research in Boosting Your SEO Strategy 162
2:22PM BUSINESS Why Investing in SEO is the Key Your Business's Success 186

Friday, 19 April
5:08PM NEWS Infrared vs. Gas Outdoor Heaters: A Comparative Analysis 195

Thursday, 18 April
8:04PM BUSINESS Scissor lift and boom lift training available online 187
2:49PM NEWS Cyber Cover: Essential Protection for Today's Digital Business Landscape - Wayne Cooney, New Zealand Insurance Broker 298
11:43AM NEWS Enhancing Soil Structure for Optimal Productivity in New Zealand's North Island with Profile Fertilisers from Pahiatua 291
10:47AM NEWS Agraforum New Zealand Addresses Soil Management Challenges in the South Island 206
9:29AM NEWS Rua Resort Tops TripAdvisor's List as Hamilton's Best Value Accommodation 306
2:48AM COURT Court Allows Myanmar Diplomat to Enter NZ for ASEAN Meeting 268

Wednesday, 17 April
1:34PM TECHNOLOGY Call for Better Guidance, Regulation to Protect Children's Digital Privacy 267
1:24PM EDUCATION University of Canterbury Brings Wallace and Gromit Creators to Train Next Gen Animators 234
1:01PM ENERGY NZ Energy Sector Ranks in Top 10 Amid Global Disruption 328
12:41PM HEALTH Advocacy Group Questions Overreliance on Psychiatric Drugs 204

Tuesday, 16 April
12:15PM NEWS Pet Bonds Announced for Tenants 215
10:27AM FINANCE Tanta: Pioneering the Future of Homeownership in New Zealand 225
8:49AM NEWS The 2024 ITM Taupo Super400 Comes to Taupo: Rev Up Your Accommodation at Boutique Lodge Centennial House Taupo. 259

Monday, 15 April
10:58AM NEWS Window Treatment Strategies for Winter 219
8:24AM NEWS Phosphate in Balance: Insights from Leading Soil Scientist Dr Gordon Rajendram, Waikato 286
6:01AM NEWS How to write a thesis work related to New Zealand 232
4:58AM ENVIRONMENT Lack of Capability at MPI to Manage GE-derived Plants: Risk of Unintended Consequences 369
4:37AM FISHING Cameras reveal mass underreporting of dolphin, albatross and fish bycatch by commercial fishing industry 305

Saturday, 13 April
10:52AM NEWS Agsafe Weekly Rural Report 223

Thursday, 11 April
3:48PM NEWS Boutique Lodge Centennial House Taupo's Guide: 7 Gems You Can't Miss in Taupo 311
12:29PM NEWS Canterbury's Agraforum New Zealand: 7 Key Points for Prosperous Farming 359
11:32AM NEWS 7 Fundamental Principles for Sustainable Agriculture: Insights from Profile Fertilisers, Pahiatua 288
11:14AM MEDIA New Zealanders oppose taxpayer-funded bailouts for private media companies 338
10:24AM NEWS Navigating Business: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Harvey (Graeme) Foote 268
1:39AM GOVERNMENT Kiwis asked to have their say on new draft rules for using biometrics 263
1:34AM COURT Fluoride Free New Zealand and New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out for Science take legal action against Hastings District Council over Fluoridation 467

Wednesday, 10 April
4:11PM NEWS Felipe Rapucci: Pioneering Authenticity in Tattoos and Digital Connectivity 249
1:19PM NEWS Adam Brady: Manor Realty Pioneering a New Era in Property Management 347
12:41PM TRANSPORT The TIDD PC28-2 has officially sold out – but you can place your order for out latest model today. 258
11:51AM NEWS Tyren Mulder and the Digital Defence 248
11:25AM NEWS 7 Essential Strategies to Enhance Your Immunity This Winter: Insights from Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy 239

Tuesday, 9 April
3:25PM NEWS Subdivide Simplified Releases Townhouse Plans for First Time Developers 257
10:42AM NEWS Jared Newing: Leading Proflow Plumbing into Excellence 225
10:24AM NEWS Waikato-based Soil Scientist Dr Gordon Rajendram on The Cost of Nutrient Leaching 223
12:29AM FIRE REPORT: Fire and Emergency levy increase unjustified, performance review needed 241

Monday, 8 April
11:37AM NEWS MediaPA and Bethells Beach Cottages Start the Wave for Bethells Beach Surf Lifesaving Patrol Recovery 319
10:46AM BUSINESS Sensible step forward on immigration settings 243

Sunday, 7 April
1:29PM NEWS Agsafe Weekly Rural Report 266

Friday, 5 April
12:35PM NEWS Profile Fertilisers' Green Revolution from Pahiatua: Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture with Elevate 348
11:44AM NEWS Sowing Sustainability: How Agraforum NZ, Canterbury, is Cultivating a Greener Future in Agriculture 328
2:42AM CANNABIS Demand for Premium New Zealand Medicinal Cannabis Grows 345
2:29AM NEWS Micro-influencers Key in Disseminating Information During Crises 284
2:00AM POLITICS Unelected commissioners need to learn their place 272
1:47AM COUNCIL Protest at Hastings District Council against forced fluoridation 315

Thursday, 4 April
4:06PM NEWS Phosphate in Balance: The Key to Sustainable Agriculture in New Zealand - Insights from Dr Gordon Rajendram 394
1:11PM NEWS Centennial House Taupo – A Luxurious Boutique Lodge Close to Taupo International Motorsport Park 285

Wednesday, 3 April
5:43PM NEWS Thinking About Lab-grown Diamonds? Here's What To Consider 305
6:29AM OPINION US-imposed austerity in Cuba 299

Tuesday, 2 April
4:06PM ENTERTAINMENT Leveling Up: The Secret Weapon of Competitive Online Gamers 282
1:53PM NEWS Riding the Rugged: A Quadbike Adventure in Cardrona's Wild Heart with The Cardrona Horse Riding & 4x4 ATVs 442

Monday, 1 April
5:13PM NEWS Agsafe Weekly Rural Report 310

Saturday, 30 March
5:43PM NEWS DIY mouse extermination made easy! 378

Friday, 29 March
8:42AM SOFTBALL Huge softball tournament on Easter Weekend 437

Thursday, 28 March
11:20PM NEWS Can Google Keep Up With AI-Generated Content? March Update Says Yes 409
6:34PM NEWS Discovering New Zealand's Charming Retreats with Media Pa: Auckland Bethells Beach Cottages, Rua Resort in Hamilton, and Centennial House Taupo 439
10:18AM NEWS Profile Fertilisers: Championing Nutrient Management with Dr Gordon Rajendram 364
10:01AM NEWS Sustainable Solutions to Nutrient Leaching in New Zealand: Agraforum NZ's Economic and Ecological Approach 444
9:27AM NEWS Optimising Pasture Production in New Zealand: Insights from Dr Gordon Rajendram on Key Soil Factors 351

Wednesday, 27 March
3:50PM NEWS How can you save money for your business and eCommerce website during this NZ recession? 361

Tuesday, 26 March
12:08AM NEWS Leading NZ lawyer challenges the "Voyeurs of New Zealand" as Gloriavale is back in the public eye once again 890

Monday, 25 March
12:53PM NEWS Business Trends in E-Commerce Industry 391
9:16AM BUSINESS Pioneering NZ-Made Spa Pools: A Testament to Local Craftsmanship and Innovation 403
9:01AM NEWS Discover Taupo's Vibrant Event Scene from Centennial House Taupo 342

Sunday, 24 March
4:39PM FINANCE Navigating the Financial Advising Landscape in Christchurch: A Comprehensive Guide 385
7:16AM ENVIRONMENT Government's 'GMO 2025' Jeopardises Agriculture and the Environment 518

Friday, 22 March
10:13PM NEWS Which is more expensive? Shutters, Blinds or curtains? 358
9:59PM NEWS Proposed Changes to Insurance Law Can't Come Soon Enough 515

Thursday, 21 March
5:08PM NEWS Fostering Sustainable Agriculture: The Collaborative Endeavour of Dr Gordon Rajendram and Profile Fertilisers 559
4:54PM NEWS Sowing Seeds of Innovation: The Collaboration Between Dr Gordon Rajendram and Agraforum NZ 431
3:50PM NEWS Dr. Gordon Rajendram: Bridging Science and Sustainability in New Zealand's Fertiliser Industry 432
1:41PM NEWS Essential Insurance Cover for Commercial Building Owners: Insights from New Zealand Insurance Broker Wayne Cooney 516

Wednesday, 20 March
9:47PM HOUSE The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best House Window Tinting Specialists 364

Tuesday, 19 March
1:19PM NEWS Considerations Before Buying Plantation Shutters 336
8:12AM TECHNOLOGY From Old to Gold: How Auckland Geeks is Transforming the Fate of Your Computers 397

Monday, 18 March
1:03PM BUSINESS Revolve Asbestos Spotlights the Importance of Asbestos Awareness Amid Seasonal Changes 371
11:20AM NEWS AI Driving Exponential Change in Search and User Behaviour 307
10:43AM NEWS Dr Gordon Rajendram on Soil Structure Degradation: Causes and Solutions 308
10:33AM COUNCIL Addressing Infrastructure Concerns: Balancing Affordability and Compliance in Tararua District 420
2:09AM NEWS Republic Group Criticises King Charles Coins 285

Sunday, 17 March
10:27AM NEWS Agsafe Weekly Rural Report 263

Saturday, 16 March
2:22AM SCIENCE Vested Interests Threaten Scientific Integrity and Democratic Governance 313

Friday, 15 March
5:22PM NEWS Networking, Community, and Policy Innovation: A Week of Engagement in Tauranga and Hamilton with NZ Business Connect 523
3:58PM NEWS Preserving Soil Structure: Insights from Profile Fertilisers 312