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Thursday, 7 December
9:47AM NEWS Golden Opportunity in Whenuakite: Seize the Moment with 1093 Tairua Whitianga Road, a Property for Sale, as House Prices Predicted to Rise 17
8:19AM TRIATHLON Ironman 70.3 Taupō: Strong Field of Pro Triathletes Set to Battle for Title 57
8:16AM POLICE Mark Mitchell Expects 'Hard Line' on Gangs, Increased Visibility and Search Powers for Police 68
2:06AM EDUCATION No Surprise PISA Results Show Drop says NZPF President 101

Wednesday, 6 December
12:47PM NEWS MAD Media, a leading North Island Billboard Company for SMEs on Why and How You Should Advertise During the Holidays 140
12:41PM BUSINESS Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring: Do's & Don'ts 99
12:21PM POLITICS NZ COVID Whistleblower Barry Young on The Alex Jones Show 410
11:56AM AVIATION Air New Zealand Partners with New Zealand Post to Launch Cargo-Only Electric Aircraft Service 147
10:42AM COURT Spina Bifida Diagnosis and Accident Compensation 117
10:38AM NEWS The Role of Soil Health in Sustainable Agriculture Practices in New Zealand - Opinion piece by Hamilton- based soil scientist Dr. Gordon Rajendram 119
10:37AM MANUFACTURING Atrax Group opens South Island office following MacWay Scales merger 82
9:55AM NEWS Wayne Cooney, Waikato Insurance Broker: Navigating the Insurance Maze with Integrity 103
6:03AM HEALTH New Zealand Government Accused of Dishonesty in Covid-19 Vaccine Data Reporting 126
5:55AM GOVERNMENT NZ Electoral Commission Faces Scrutiny Over Vote Counting Mistakes in 2023 Election 112
5:48AM POLITICS Professor Adams: Tobacco Firms Use Gift-Giving, Donations to Form Cozy Relationships with Politicians 153
5:46AM POLITICS Human Rights Commission demonstrate how they've lost their way 124
5:43AM ECONOMY Cautiously optimistic: New Zealand is past the worst, but has a slow climb ahead 122

Tuesday, 5 December
7:31PM NEWS What to Consider Before Ordering Roller Blinds 129
10:50AM DEFENCE The Royal New Zealand Navy plans to trial an uncrewed, renewable-powered vessel 156
10:48AM GREYHOUNDS Greyhound racing dealt another blow as Auckland track scrapped 121
10:42AM AVIATION Autonomous Flight Trials in NZ 134
10:38AM HEALTH The Federation Announces a New Board 133
10:16AM NEWS The Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Construction Equipment for Your Project in NZ 157
8:45AM NEWS Securing Large TVs: A Vital Safety Measure in Earthquake-Prone New Zealand 194
3:40AM COMMUNITY Ted Manson Foundation expands family violence prevention program 169
3:38AM POLITICS Protests Scheduled Across New Zealand 170
3:32AM HEALTH Digital Health Association's Vision for a Healthier New Zealand 120

Monday, 4 December
9:40PM BUILDING Understanding the Risks: The Importance of Expert Asbestos Removal Highlighted by a New Zealand Incident 170
12:30PM HEALTH Dental Association dismayed at plans to repeal Smokefree Amendments Act 168
11:37AM HEALTH Ministry of Health Accused of Cover-Up Over Vaccine Deaths 234
11:27AM POLITICS New Zealand Republic Campaigners Call for Change to MP Oath 147
11:24AM ENVIRONMENT AI-Powered App Helps Identify Invasive Species in NZ 138
11:22AM TRAVEL Travel lifts international services trade 148
11:15AM EARTHQUAKES EQC awards $1.2 million for research 143
6:06AM TECHNOLOGY AI's Impact on Employment 170
5:58AM ART Under-resourced Arts Sector 167
5:37AM TRANSPORT New EV kicks off Waikato bus network electrification 178
5:32AM HEALTH Government's defence of Smokefree repeal - weak, deceptive and embarrassing 205
5:29AM ENERGY Investors Welcome Lake Onslow Cancellation 170
5:24AM HEALTH Whistleblower Leaks Data Linking Covid Vaccine to Deaths 2717

Sunday, 3 December
11:23PM NEWS The Digital Ambassador Releases Dual Campaign Landing Websites for Enhanced Digital Solutions 143
11:18PM NEWS The Digital Ambassador Unveils Advanced Virtual Assistant Service in Strategic Online Move 134
9:21AM NEWS Agsafe Weekly Rural Report 150

Friday, 1 December
4:21PM NEWS NZ Business Connect Announces Expansion Plans At Festive Networking Extravaganza at Rua Resort: A Christmas Event with Purpose 248
1:50PM SURFING Tayla Green Heads into Final Day of World Junior Championships Chasing a Podium Finish 170
1:38PM EXPORT Plans to reverse ban on live export by sea labelled as "disgraceful" by SAFE 236
1:37PM NEWS Festive Fun Unveiled: Go Street Restaurant and Bar's Picks for Family Delight in New Plymouth 186
1:21PM ENVIRONMENT Liberalisation of Genetic Engineering Threatens the Environment, Farmers and New Zealand 202
12:32PM NEWS Exploring the Backyard these Holidays: Rua Resort's Guide to Hamilton's Festive Events 157

Thursday, 30 November
3:07PM HEALTH Yes Minister – The Federation is looking forward to working with you 221

Wednesday, 29 November
7:34AM NEWS Subdivide Simplified Introduces Premium Appliance Upgrade Offer for New Building Projects in Auckland 256

Tuesday, 28 November
9:37AM NEWS The Impact of Climate Change on New Zealand Soils: Challenges and Adaptations- An opinion piece by Hamilton-based leading soil scientist Dr. Gordon Rajendram 281

Monday, 27 November
4:38PM NEWS Joyful News: State Highway 25A Will Reopen in the Coromandel in Time for Christmas, Bringing Prosperity to 1093 Tairua Whitianga Road 375

Sunday, 26 November
12:04PM INTERNET Best VPNs for New Zealand Users - Factors to Consider 290

Friday, 24 November
12:21PM NEWS New Age Business Environments Require New Age Solutions – NZ Business Connect Continues to Strengthen its Foundation at the Heart of Success for All Members 447
12:05PM NEWS Organic gardeners bare it all for a good cause 291
9:34AM NEWS TRT Resurects Cyclone Damaged Trailer 272
8:00AM NEWS Navigating the Future: Key Trends Shaping the Finance Industry in 2024 287

Thursday, 23 November
2:44PM NEWS Alarming Warning Issued Ahead of Black Friday: Beware of Fake Sales 334

Wednesday, 22 November
7:07PM NEWS A Day in the Life of Your Property Solutions 298
1:56PM GOLF Golfer Ryan Fox hosting Chasing The Fox event 402
9:58AM NEWS Soil Contamination and Remediation Efforts in New Zealand Urban Areas: An opinion piece by Hamilton-based soil scientist Dr. Gordon Rajendram 402

Tuesday, 21 November
7:13AM BUSINESS New Zealand Small Businesses Face Uphill Battle as Christmas Approaches 365

Monday, 20 November
10:36PM NEWS What type of window treatments are best for a kitchen? 310

Sunday, 19 November
10:05PM NEWS Agsafe Weekly Rural Report 357

Friday, 17 November
5:55PM NEWS The Rising Trend of Wood and Timber in Window Coverings 316
11:35AM NEWS Lights, Laughter, and Culinary Delights: Go Street Restaurant and Bar celebrates New Plymouth's TSB Festival of Lights 16th December – 21st January 378
10:34AM NEWS From Keywords to Predictive Analytics: The Role of AI in Modern SEO 345
9:58AM NEWS Organic Farming in New Zealand: Enhancing Soil Quality and Biodiversity - An opinion piece by Hamilton-based leading soil scientist Dr. Gordon Rajendram 668
9:31AM NEWS Around the World on $80 at New Plymouth Restaurant, Mike's Bistro 321

Thursday, 16 November
12:16PM NEWS Warning: Pricing expert warns this may be the most expensive Black Friday yet, but Kiwis remain undeterred in search of price relief 403

Wednesday, 15 November
9:53AM COURT High Court finds Ashley Bloomfield's fluoride directive unlawful. 345

Saturday, 11 November
10:54PM NEWS Agsafe Weekly Rural Report 362

Friday, 10 November
11:12AM NEWS The Coromandel Peninsula: A Hub of Agriculture and Natural Beauty Surrounding 1093 Tairua Whitianga Road 505

Thursday, 9 November
7:54PM BUSINESS Is Singles' Day New Zealand's Next Big Sale Event? New Survey Indicates Growing Awareness Among Kiwis 531

Wednesday, 8 November
6:55PM NEWS Infrared Outdoor Heaters vs. Gas Heaters: The Green Choice for Your Patio 393

Tuesday, 7 November
7:23PM NEWS Tips and tricks for cleaning blinds and shutters 359
12:00PM INTERNET Search Engine Optimisation: The Key to Success in New Zealand's Digital Marketplace 566
11:59AM INTERNET Search Engine Optimisation: The Key to Success in New Zealand's Digital Marketplace 371

Monday, 6 November
10:32PM EDUCATION Early Childhood Education: Emphasising Preschool in Auckland 412
8:35PM NEWS MAD Media: Digital billboard company giving back to their Taranaki community 358
3:15PM NEWS Wayne Cooney, Waikato Insurance Broker Calls Tradespeople for December/January Renewals! 342
12:11PM NEWS AI and the Culinary World: A Recipe for Restaurant Success 397
9:32AM NEWS Inking, Eating & Drinking: New Plymouth Restaurant, Mike's Bistro, Welcomes Tattoo & Arts Festival Visitors 440
7:32AM POLITICS 22% of New Zealanders Embrace Not A Party's Vision of a Post-Political Society 345

Sunday, 5 November
8:27AM NEWS Agsafe Weekly Rural Report 315

Friday, 3 November
2:26PM NEWS Guide to Pest Control in New Zealand 315
1:20PM HEALTH New Co-Presidents Announced at Midwifery Conference in Christchurch 490
11:06AM EDUCATION Transforming Interior Decorating Education Globally 365

Thursday, 2 November
6:27PM NEWS Property Values Show Signs of Recovery - Consider Investing in 1093 Tairua Whitianga Road 324

Wednesday, 1 November
3:17PM TRUCKING TRT Unveils Traction Air® EM Series, Redefining Fleet Management Solutions 388
12:31PM BUSINESS 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring 365
6:25AM SCIENCE Kids in Space! 409
6:23AM GREYHOUNDS Top greyhound racing trainer faces methamphetamine and neglect charges 317
6:18AM NEWS NZ made Romotow caravan named to TIME best inventions of 2023 291

Tuesday, 31 October
4:44PM NEWS Gorgeous Creatures: Elevating homes with Nature's finest in the Hawkes Bay 271
4:28PM HEALTH Midwives Meet for Conference in Christchurch 285

Monday, 30 October
8:59PM NEWS Mahurangi Aircon & Electrical Broadens Its Reach to Mangawhai 265