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Waste 1:18PM
Temporary solutions restore sewer service

Christchurch — The Christchurch City Council is this week contacting some residents in the worst-affected areas of the city to advise that temporary measures are being taken to restore sewer service to their homes A further 30 areas have been identified in the worst-affected eastern suburbs where these temporary measures are necessary.


Friday, 27 May 2011
Waste 8:34AM
Map highlights sewer repair progress

Christchurch — The Christchurch City Council today released a map of the damaged sewer network in the east of the city to help residents understand the extent of the earthquake repair work required and progress made so far This is the second in a series of maps being prepared by the Council to outline key issues and repairs to the city’s earthquake-damaged sewer network.


Wednesday, 11 May 2011
Waste 4:40PM
More houses stop using chemical toilets

Christchurch — A further 7000 houses in the worst-affected areas of the city have so far this week been told they no longer need to use their chemical toilets Around 30,000 chemical toilets were distributed to the worst-affected areas of the city after the 22 February earthquake, where sewers were damaged and/or were full of silt.


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