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New Zealand Births News Index

Friday, 16 March
2:48PM BIRTHS Survey reveals Kiwi women's fertility concerns 289

Thursday, 17 November
2:08PM BIRTHS Live births down in September 2011 year 253

Friday, 16 September
1:20PM BIRTHS Study researches birth satisfaction for first time mothers 299

Saturday, 30 July
9:26AM BIRTHS Can we break the record?? 222
9:10AM BIRTHS Plunket stats show breastfeeding on the rise in New Zealand 208

Thursday, 30 June
7:33AM BIRTHS 'Plunket book' here to stay 216

Monday, 20 June
8:50AM BIRTHS Hidden Danger of Exercise! 222
8:23AM BIRTHS International study shows Caesareans not as "posh" as commonly believed 378

Wednesday, 25 May
2:54PM BIRTHS 'Turia promotes breast-feeding is best' 215
11:18AM BIRTHS Plunket welcomes shaken baby DVD 206

Thursday, 19 May
3:05PM BIRTHS Plunket comments on Budget 226

Monday, 9 May
3:23PM BIRTHS Plunket celebrates International Nurses day 225

Friday, 6 May
8:06AM BIRTHS Where is the maternity money coming from? 180
7:58AM BIRTHS Budget 2011: $54.5m extra for mothers, babies 166

Thursday, 5 May
3:09PM BIRTHS Additional $21.3 million for first time families with new babies 209

Thursday, 17 March
9:02PM BIRTHS Recovery After Cesarean (C-Section) 479

Friday, 11 March
3:54PM BIRTHS Nelson Plunket supports displaced Christchurch families 386

Wednesday, 2 March
6:18AM BIRTHS Plunket services now available in Christchurch 400

Wednesday, 16 February
9:57AM BIRTHS 63,900 births in 2010; nearly 600,000 for the decade 243

Thursday, 6 January
9:38AM BIRTHS Liam and Sophie top the list of popular names for 2010 304

Wednesday, 25 August
8:04AM BIRTHS Real Men Wear Their Babies 429

Tuesday, 17 August
11:29AM BIRTHS Births on the rise again 303

Tuesday, 3 August
9:21AM BIRTHS Why pregnant women are admitted to intensive care in NZ 279

Thursday, 15 July
10:23AM BIRTHS Cesarean Belt Available in NZ 298

Friday, 2 July
3:46PM BIRTHS C Section Website 265

Friday, 28 May
9:39AM BIRTHS Breastfeeding in public is here to stay! 209

Monday, 17 May
11:30AM BIRTHS Median age of mothers still 30 years 133

Thursday, 13 May
8:37AM BIRTHS Support needed to end the silence of miscarriage 268

Friday, 7 May
12:56PM BIRTHS The Baby Collection delivers fun and versatility in new baby wear range 545

Thursday, 4 March
8:17AM BIRTHS ChCh Women's Breastfeeding Support Recognised 348

Friday, 26 February
9:58AM BIRTHS Plunket and BNZ announce national partnership 271

Saturday, 20 February
9:52AM BIRTHS Cake Lingerie Puts The Yummy Into Mummy 1148

Friday, 19 February
2:44PM BIRTHS Photo competition promotes breastfeeding in the community. 392
2:42PM BIRTHS NZ Doctors right to challenge Medical Council 388

Wednesday, 10 February
9:56AM BIRTHS Calling all pregnant women - the West Coast needs you! 510

Wednesday, 13 January
7:56AM BIRTHS New bra range by Le Leche League keeps abreast of fashion 765

Tuesday, 12 January
1:18PM BIRTHS Diabetes in pregnancy creating dangerous cycle 567

Monday, 23 November
11:37AM BIRTHS 20 Percent of NZ Schoolgirls using RU486 Abortion Drug may face Complications: Parents needn't be told 489

Wednesday, 18 November
2:02PM BIRTHS Research Discovers Common Lubricants Affect Fertility 271

Thursday, 24 September
11:15AM BIRTHS Expectant wait for baby business as David Award Finalists Announced 355

Tuesday, 22 September
8:42AM BIRTHS More Using IVF, Fewer Multiple Births 417

Friday, 18 September
7:19AM BIRTHS Cross-Party Parliamentarians Group Holds Hearing on Maternal Health in the Pacific 194

Thursday, 20 August
5:54PM BIRTHS Maternal Fetal Specialists network to help mothers and babies 267

Monday, 17 August
11:06AM BIRTHS Auckland drives drop in births 252

Tuesday, 4 August
6:05PM BIRTHS Suckers! Its a record already! 236

Monday, 3 August
11:36AM BIRTHS Tops Off for Healthy Children 69% 'Embarrassed to Breastfeed'! 932

Monday, 13 July
4:42PM BIRTHS Twin Honours for Online Baby Business 385

Friday, 10 July
3:02PM BIRTHS Responding to the Economic Crisis in the Pacific  Investing in Women is a Smart Choice 256

Tuesday, 7 July
11:46AM BIRTHS More NZ men ready to diet for fatherhood than Aussie would-be Dads 808

Friday, 26 June
8:15PM BIRTHS Lion Foundation generosity helps Waikato mums 279

Tuesday, 19 May
11:23AM BIRTHS Life expectancy increases 547

Thursday, 19 March
10:18AM BIRTHS Female gives birth on international flight 365

Sunday, 15 March
9:47AM BIRTHS Ministry of Health endorses recommendations made in Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee 492

Sunday, 8 March
12:33PM BIRTHS Vettori returns to Auckland 388

Wednesday, 28 January
4:01PM BIRTHS Can parents afford not to use cloth nappies? 652

Monday, 8 December
3:41PM BIRTHS Growth of families and households projected to exceed population growth 700

Tuesday, 18 November
11:41AM BIRTHS Increase in births continues 283

Monday, 17 November
7:22AM BIRTHS New blood test to help women assess their potential for getting pregnant 2516

Friday, 22 August
11:59PM BIRTHS Woman has stillborn baby in-flight 453

Monday, 18 August
5:25PM BIRTHS Birth rate rises 525

Wednesday, 14 May
11:44AM BIRTHS Average age of first-time mums is 28 years 903

Wednesday, 23 April
7:59AM BIRTHS Parents could be allowed to deliberately have deaf child - Prof 291

Monday, 21 April
6:31PM BIRTHS New mums might be sent to bigger hospitals to give birth 232

Tuesday, 8 April
7:26AM BIRTHS Dash across town for quick delivery 821

Monday, 18 February
1:24PM BIRTHS Births at 44-year high 328

Thursday, 10 January
1:45PM BIRTHS Rural mums paying for empty promises 268

Friday, 4 January
11:58AM BIRTHS Jack and Ella top baby name list for 2007 312

Monday, 19 November
11:45AM BIRTHS Birth rate reaches 2.1 births per woman 512

Saturday, 9 June
9:28AM BIRTHS Louise Nicholas gives birth to baby boy 558