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New Zealand Diplomacy News Index

Friday, 18 January
5:14PM DIPLOMACY McCully to visit Africa and Middle East 523

Friday, 11 January
2:46PM DIPLOMACY William Hague to visit NZ 457

Wednesday, 19 December
3:31PM DIPLOMACY High Commissioner to Singapore appointed 458
2:18PM DIPLOMACY PM welcomes nomination of High Commissioner to UK 451
2:16PM DIPLOMACY Speaker nominated for High Commissioner to UK 420

Tuesday, 11 December
4:51PM DIPLOMACY NZ, Japan sign new double tax agreement 398
2:56PM DIPLOMACY NZ-China science & technology declaration signed 376
2:53PM DIPLOMACY New Zealand and China announce updated education cooperation agreement 348

Friday, 7 December
4:55PM DIPLOMACY McCully to visit Pacific 328
4:21PM DIPLOMACY Senior Chinese leader to visit NZ next week 326

Monday, 29 October
1:05PM DIPLOMACY McCully to visit Papua New Guinea 312

Thursday, 18 October
7:02PM DIPLOMACY McCully to host Burmese Foreign Minister 435

Monday, 15 October
1:57PM DIPLOMACY Visit reaffirms value of China – NZ relationship 180

Saturday, 13 October
3:21PM DIPLOMACY Joyce to visit India to boost education, business 330

Monday, 8 October
8:28PM DIPLOMACY McCully to visit Malaysia, Indonesia 344

Friday, 5 October
5:23PM DIPLOMACY PM welcomes visit of Singapore PM 347

Tuesday, 2 October
6:34PM DIPLOMACY McCully to visit Jamaica, Cuba 307

Wednesday, 19 September
11:46AM DIPLOMACY Adelaide Deputy Lord Mayor to visit 295
11:35AM DIPLOMACY McCully to visit Timor-Leste 264

Thursday, 13 September
3:04PM DIPLOMACY McCully extends condolences to US 169

Monday, 10 September
4:50PM DIPLOMACY Chinese diplomat to speak at Massey 180

Monday, 3 September
7:43PM DIPLOMACY McCully to visit Russia and Korea 226
7:42PM DIPLOMACY PM to attend APEC, visit Japan 121

Saturday, 1 September
11:16AM DIPLOMACY NZ, China and Cook Islands work to improve water quality 157

Monday, 27 August
4:40PM DIPLOMACY PM to visit Cook Islands for Pacific Islands Forum 148

Friday, 17 August
11:32AM DIPLOMACY Bilateral talks mark 50th anniversary 96

Thursday, 9 August
2:23PM DIPLOMACY McCully to meet Armenian foreign minister 93

Wednesday, 1 August
4:36PM DIPLOMACY Joint Statement - 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Friendship between Samoa and New Zealand 94
4:25PM DIPLOMACY Gift of education to mark 50 years of friendship 80
4:22PM DIPLOMACY McCully announces diplomatic postings 129

Tuesday, 31 July
12:47PM DIPLOMACY McCully to meet Brunei minister 112

Monday, 30 July
7:00PM DIPLOMACY Foreign ministers of Australia, NZ and Fiji meet 104

Friday, 27 July
2:29PM DIPLOMACY McCully to visit Sydney for bilateral/trilateral talks 87

Monday, 23 July
4:28PM DIPLOMACY PM to visit Samoa to commemorate Friendship Treaty 93

Tuesday, 10 July
7:39PM DIPLOMACY McCully to visit Southeast Asia 125

Friday, 22 June
1:52PM DIPLOMACY Minister to visit China 83

Wednesday, 20 June
6:53PM DIPLOMACY McCully to visit Japan and Hong Kong 129

Tuesday, 5 June
2:19PM DIPLOMACY Tribute paid to China's phenomenal contribution to the world 157

Thursday, 31 May
3:33PM DIPLOMACY NZ to help election in PNG 176

Tuesday, 29 May
12:33AM DIPLOMACY Prime Minister to visit UK, Germany & EU, NATO 124

Friday, 25 May
4:23PM DIPLOMACY Primary Industries Minister to visit Russia, US 126

Friday, 4 May
4:13PM DIPLOMACY Why 2 for 1 Margaritas on the Cinco de Mayo? 189

Thursday, 3 May
5:43PM DIPLOMACY McCully to visit Middle East 133
12:49PM DIPLOMACY NZ, Canada sign new double tax agreement 107

Friday, 20 April
1:06PM DIPLOMACY Chinese delegation visits Victoria 97

Monday, 16 April
5:13PM DIPLOMACY Govt must raise human rights with Chinese leader 129

Friday, 13 April
12:48PM DIPLOMACY Chinese senior leader to visit New Zealand 98
11:56AM DIPLOMACY Vietnamese deputy leader to visit 89

Monday, 2 April
4:32PM DIPLOMACY McCully in China for bilateral talks 107

Thursday, 26 January
2:16PM DIPLOMACY Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs to visit New Zealand 90

Wednesday, 18 January
6:12PM DIPLOMACY Sister city Mayoral delegation visits Hutt City 137

Wednesday, 11 January
2:24PM DIPLOMACY McCully to visit Solomon Islands 146

Tuesday, 20 December
2:25AM DIPLOMACY McCully names new Ambassador to Japan 169

Saturday, 17 December
1:51AM DIPLOMACY NZ, Norway to work on Antarctic preservation project 267

Thursday, 15 December
2:06PM DIPLOMACY Prime Minister welcomes Royal visit 87

Thursday, 8 December
2:11PM DIPLOMACY Norwegian Prime Minister to visit New Zealand 274

Tuesday, 1 November
7:00PM DIPLOMACY McCully names Ambassador to Turkey 195

Friday, 28 October
2:43PM DIPLOMACY New Zealand and European Union to pursue Framework Agreement 122

Friday, 21 October
3:20PM DIPLOMACY British Prime Minister to visit New Zealand 128

Thursday, 20 October
3:55PM DIPLOMACY PM launches strategy to open doors to India 100

Friday, 30 September
1:49AM DIPLOMACY McCully names new Ambassador to the Republic of Korea 194

Thursday, 29 September
9:10AM DIPLOMACY Amnesty's Secretary General to visit New Zealand 102

Monday, 26 September
4:56PM DIPLOMACY Prime Minister Gilauri to visit NZ during RWC 127

Thursday, 22 September
1:15PM DIPLOMACY McCully appoints Consul-General for New Caledonia 73

Wednesday, 21 September
1:33PM DIPLOMACY McCully appoints African Union Ambassador 136

Tuesday, 13 September
9:17AM DIPLOMACY Fiji govt implements swingeing anti-union decree 171

Tuesday, 23 August
7:28PM DIPLOMACY NZ welcomes calls for restraint in Libya 146

Friday, 12 August
4:10PM DIPLOMACY Prime Minister Puna to visit NZ 156

Thursday, 11 August
6:19PM DIPLOMACY New Ambassador to Philippines 281

Monday, 8 August
3:41PM DIPLOMACY PM welcomes visit from Tongan counterpart 109

Friday, 8 July
3:38PM DIPLOMACY Pacific Mission to Tonga, Samoa, Cook Islands and Niue 133
3:12PM DIPLOMACY Prime Minister to meet President Obama on US visit 70

Monday, 4 July
3:14PM DIPLOMACY PM welcomes visit from King Tupou V 109

Thursday, 30 June
2:24PM DIPLOMACY PM announces Sir Edmund Hillary Fellowship 98

Wednesday, 29 June
2:28PM DIPLOMACY Joint Statement on the State Visit of Prime Minister of New Zealand 114

Thursday, 2 June
6:01PM DIPLOMACY NZ appointments to Afghanistan 134

Monday, 30 May
2:07PM DIPLOMACY Far North Sister City on a roll 171

Wednesday, 18 May
3:12PM DIPLOMACY Co-operation statement with United States 115
3:11PM DIPLOMACY US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton And New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray Stuart McCully 96

Tuesday, 17 May
12:49PM DIPLOMACY McCully visits United States 88

Sunday, 15 May
9:46AM DIPLOMACY Prime Minister to address Australian Parliament 126

Tuesday, 3 May
8:20AM DIPLOMACY Death of Osama bin Laden makes the world a safer place 137

Wednesday, 27 April
5:09PM DIPLOMACY Governor-General to visit Finland 134

Thursday, 17 February
6:46AM DIPLOMACY Joint Statement by Prime Ministers Key and Gillard: February 2011 Report on Trans-Tasman Cooperation 114
6:43AM DIPLOMACY Address to Parliament by Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Prime Minister John Key's response 163

Tuesday, 15 February
6:21AM DIPLOMACY Greens welcome Gillard visit 75

Thursday, 10 February
5:10PM DIPLOMACY McCully to attend Forum meeting on Fiji 163
5:10PM DIPLOMACY McCully commends South Sudan referendum 111

Tuesday, 1 February
8:42AM DIPLOMACY New Zealand should support Egyptian protests 165

Saturday, 29 January
12:44PM DIPLOMACY Invercargill Mayor and CEO to pay respects to Kumagaya sister city leader 238

Tuesday, 25 January
5:39PM DIPLOMACY McCully expresses condolences to Russian people 129

Tuesday, 6 July
3:24PM DIPLOMACY Key must raise human rights and tell China NZ is not for sale 195

Friday, 4 June
7:20AM DIPLOMACY China's Rise — the focus of 2010 Otago Foreign Policy School 172

Tuesday, 1 June
7:00AM DIPLOMACY New Zealand must condemn attack on Gaza relief flotilla 134

Wednesday, 26 May
4:29PM DIPLOMACY NZ citizen on trial in Japan for doing what the Govt wouldn't 160

Thursday, 22 April
4:47PM DIPLOMACY Burmese officials will be loyal foot-soldiers of regime 207

Thursday, 8 April
8:05AM DIPLOMACY Rotorua to host visit by Papua New Guinea prime minister 408

Wednesday, 7 April
12:59PM DIPLOMACY Papua New Guinea's PM to visit New Zealand 224

Tuesday, 6 April
9:55PM DIPLOMACY Whaling countries mock IWC compromise 245

Saturday, 3 April
1:05PM DIPLOMACY New Zealand must take firm line in Peter Bethune case 339