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New Zealand Pharmacy News Index

Wednesday, 26 August
4:53PM PHARMACY Internet Pharmacy Make It Oh So Easy To Shop Online For Pharmacy Products 284

Tuesday, 23 June
2:12PM PHARMACY User Friendly Ordering At The Internet Pharmacy 283

Friday, 20 February
9:17AM PHARMACY Online, 'Pharmacy Only' Sexual Herbal Supplements At Internet Pharmacy 317

Wednesday, 26 June
6:07PM PHARMACY Bioceuticals® first to partner with NZ Powerhouse EBOS Healthcare 479

Thursday, 28 February
1:19PM PHARMACY Pharmacies assist caregivers in baby bottle checks 463

Tuesday, 5 February
6:44PM PHARMACY Thousands benefiting from new medicines 434

Thursday, 20 December
3:29PM PHARMACY Cancer vaccine researcher appointed to Otago Chair in Pharmaceutical Sciences 480

Thursday, 29 November
2:59PM PHARMACY Phase Two of CareSens roll-out starts 607

Tuesday, 13 November
5:30PM PHARMACY Kiwis missing out on free prescription medicines entitlement 432

Friday, 5 October
4:18PM PHARMACY Dispose of Unwanted Medicines 480

Wednesday, 26 September
1:03PM PHARMACY New Otago collaboration brings oral TB vaccine for humans closer 404

Wednesday, 8 August
3:09PM PHARMACY Pharmaco (NZ) Ltd (Pharmaco) announced as sole supplier of blood glucose meters and strips in New Zealand 1012

Thursday, 26 July
2:54PM PHARMACY Pharmacy profession supports new Agreement 479

Tuesday, 24 July
4:45PM PHARMACY All pharmacies accept new agreement 455

Tuesday, 10 July
12:09PM PHARMACY PHARMAC funds new targeted lung cancer drug 362

Monday, 25 June
1:37PM PHARMACY Pharmacy contract in chaos as deadline looms 388

Thursday, 21 June
6:23PM PHARMACY Pharmacies in chaos as DHBs press on with contract 420

Tuesday, 19 June
5:55PM PHARMACY Pharmac to purchase vaccines 263

Friday, 8 June
3:16PM PHARMACY GPs 'generally satisfied' with patients' access to medicine 385

Thursday, 31 May
5:55PM PHARMACY ''Dramatic drop' not so dramatic" 350

Tuesday, 29 May
6:29PM PHARMACY PHARMAC moves to protect babies from whooping cough 336

Wednesday, 23 May
4:37PM PHARMACY OBodies announces science advisory board and vision for future developments 334

Friday, 4 May
5:29PM PHARMACY Forget manuka, kanuka is the new superhoney 628

Friday, 27 April
10:34AM PHARMACY Trial results boost buoyant PharmaZen 272

Thursday, 15 March
11:50AM PHARMACY 3000 submissions received on diabetes test strips and meters consultation 204

Tuesday, 13 March
5:30PM PHARMACY End to postcode prescribing for insulin pumps on the horizon 179

Friday, 2 March
11:57AM PHARMACY Two new targeted cancer drugs funded in agreement 198

Friday, 17 February
2:27PM PHARMACY New Zealand malaria drug passes first stage trials 163

Thursday, 15 December
2:44PM PHARMACY Investment in medicines highest in PHARMAC history 175

Monday, 31 October
6:56PM PHARMACY Papers reveal PHARMAC's cautious approach with new anticoagulant drug 187

Tuesday, 4 October
2:05PM PHARMACY Parliament too slow for synthetic drug market 150

Friday, 30 September
2:20PM PHARMACY PHARMAC Board strengthens relationship with DHBs 185

Thursday, 15 September
2:33PM PHARMACY Huge Programme of Research on Medical Uses of NZ honey launched 378

Monday, 12 September
12:48PM PHARMACY Call for Review of Contaminated Gardasil Vaccine 381

Wednesday, 31 August
6:22PM PHARMACY DMV-Fonterra Excipients Intends To Acquire Indian Pharmaceutical Company 267

Wednesday, 24 August
5:24PM PHARMACY Five simple ways to protect your heart 190

Tuesday, 23 August
5:46PM PHARMACY New life-saving heart drug , BRILINTA, approved for use in New Zealand 472

Thursday, 18 August
1:59PM PHARMACY Comvita founder turns 101 today 242

Wednesday, 17 August
3:12PM PHARMACY Influenza vaccinations available from selected Pharmacybrands pharmacies 497

Tuesday, 9 August
12:31PM PHARMACY Comvita Medihoney Wound Care Sales Reaches Milestone 140

Monday, 1 August
10:17AM PHARMACY Government Slashes Red Tape For Grocery Sector 179

Thursday, 28 July
1:59PM PHARMACY PHARMAC widens access to two cancer drugs 168

Friday, 22 July
3:39PM PHARMACY Key must rule out changes to Pharmac during US visit 139

Thursday, 14 July
9:15AM PHARMACY AMRF Awards over $1.13million to Auckland Researchers in its Latest Grant Round 260

Monday, 27 June
4:32PM PHARMACY 'More permissive' system follows Exceptional Circumstances review 201

Thursday, 23 June
2:41PM PHARMACY Two new treatments for bone-thinning disease 184

Monday, 20 June
3:22PM PHARMACY Government announces increased pharmaceutical budget 129
8:17AM PHARMACY Indigenous Cardiovasular Health conference 493

Friday, 17 June
8:30AM PHARMACY NZACA Welcomes New guidelines for meds management in aged care 163

Thursday, 16 June
3:27PM PHARMACY PHARMAC welcomes PTAC reappointment 150

Tuesday, 14 June
8:58AM PHARMACY 'Game-changing' anti-clotting treatment funded 224

Thursday, 9 June
10:11AM PHARMACY Queen's honour for rheumatologist well deserved 168
8:02AM PHARMACY Roche welcomes Health Select Committee report into improving New Zealand's environment to support clinical trials 64

Tuesday, 7 June
8:41AM PHARMACY Clinical trial results confirm arthritic benefits of Christchurch mussel health product trial study 596

Wednesday, 1 June
7:10AM PHARMACY Warning about keeping and storing medicines 106

Friday, 27 May
2:32PM PHARMACY Message from the grass roots – Pharmac is non-negotiable 212

Monday, 23 May
3:27PM PHARMACY Acute heart drugs should be reconsidered for Maori and Pacific Islanders 129

Thursday, 19 May
7:00PM PHARMACY Lead antibodies selected for breast cancer testing 163

Tuesday, 3 May
8:19AM PHARMACY Essential medicines must remain affordable for sick Kiwis 133

Monday, 2 May
3:04PM PHARMACY US trade deal could scuttle Pharmac 135

Sunday, 1 May
2:03PM PHARMACY PHARMAC to fund new multiple myeloma treatments 156

Friday, 29 April
10:26AM PHARMACY New funded treatment for epilepsy 164

Tuesday, 26 April
4:27PM PHARMACY PHARMAC to fund sleep disorder treatment 216

Sunday, 24 April
11:52AM PHARMACY Higher blood clot risk found for newer unsubsidised oral contraceptive pill 174

Tuesday, 19 April
4:06PM PHARMACY CoDa Therapeutics closes US$19 million Series B financing 213

Monday, 21 March
5:45PM PHARMACY SMI response to study on ibuprofen use and potassium deficiency 152

Thursday, 17 March
3:52PM PHARMACY Kiwis seek out iodide supplementation for radiation concerns 234

Monday, 28 February
1:08PM PHARMACY New rules for the Guild and its members 107

Friday, 25 February
6:43AM PHARMACY Zinc may reduce cold symptoms 195

Thursday, 17 February
2:01PM PHARMACY Suspension of Avandia (rosiglitazone) from New Zealand market 396

Monday, 14 February
11:42AM PHARMACY Radius Health Group agrees sale to Pharmacy Brands 307

Wednesday, 12 January
4:23PM PHARMACY New NSAIDS study results not related to over-the-counter painkillers 280
12:05PM PHARMACY Sun block not just for the beach warns Care Chemist as research shows kiwi drivers could be at risk of skin cancer 160

Wednesday, 22 December
3:08PM PHARMACY Three new members appointed to PHARMAC advisory committee 311

Monday, 29 November
11:19AM PHARMACY Wider access to MS treatments; new drugs in Bayer agreement 191

Monday, 18 October
11:03AM PHARMACY Multi-resistant HIV strains prompt new funding 226

Saturday, 16 October
9:31AM PHARMACY NZ takes part in 3rd online global operation against illegal and counterfeit medicines 228

Monday, 20 September
10:53AM PHARMACY PHARMAC increases access to heart treatments 156

Friday, 3 September
10:03AM PHARMACY New lung cancer drug funded in multi-product Roche agreement 319

Monday, 30 August
9:38AM PHARMACY Funding change for mental health medicine to save $24 million 207

Monday, 23 August
8:06AM PHARMACY Open access to blood-thinning drug for heart patients 114

Thursday, 19 August
9:10AM PHARMACY Five new members for PHARMAC consumer committee 139

Friday, 13 August
9:46AM PHARMACY PHARMAC confirms 1 November funding date for Alzheimer's treatment 156

Wednesday, 28 July
8:06AM PHARMACY Funded contraceptives welcome 224

Monday, 26 July
10:47AM PHARMACY PHARMAC approves funding for contraceptive implants 143

Friday, 23 July
8:09AM PHARMACY Medsafe announces date to introduce sales restrictions on some cough and cold medicines for children 282

Thursday, 24 June
1:30PM PHARMACY Thousands of Kiwis could be putting themselves at risk by taking inappropriate medicine warns Care Chemist 274

Sunday, 30 May
7:57PM PHARMACY Further funded relief for pain 279

Friday, 28 May
10:41AM PHARMACY Better patient advice loses out to costly prescription errors 175

Tuesday, 11 May
3:52PM PHARMACY Care Chemist Hill Park goes Pink to highlight importance of early breast cancer detection 320

Friday, 16 April
11:32AM PHARMACY Too Little sleep could leave Kiwis open to winter illness 226

Tuesday, 16 March
11:46AM PHARMACY Care Chemist launches 4.2 card campaign to cut Kiwi blood pressure 362

Monday, 8 March
3:32PM PHARMACY Banning Cough Lozenges & Lemsip in Supermarkets Absurd 387

Saturday, 27 February
9:00AM PHARMACY Clinicians views sought on new Pharmac role 414

Friday, 15 January
11:14AM PHARMACY Care Chemist growing at twice the rate 282

Friday, 18 December
12:58PM PHARMACY Police work with pharmacies in fight against 'P' 330

Tuesday, 8 December
3:55PM PHARMACY Promoting competition continuing to pay dividends, says PHARMAC 300
11:23AM PHARMACY Prescriptions for medicine keep rising but rate slowing, says PHARMAC 299

Monday, 23 November
5:22PM PHARMACY Medsafe warns of 65 overseas websites offering unapproved herbal products 3362

Sunday, 1 November
4:05PM PHARMACY Newly-funded antidepressant to meet unmet need  PHARMAC 394